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Five Console Cars That Kick Some Serious Butt

There are hundreds of car games out there with a few franchises dominating the market, clocking up as many big bucks as they do playing time along the way. How many women can proclaim to be ‘GTA widows’? I have barely seen or spoke to my fiance since Grand Theft Auto 5 landed on my doormat. Never mind, she’s got plenty of Downton Abbey to catch up on. The cars themselves are the stars of the show so to speak, so here are five of my all-time favorites:

Bows5) Mario Kart Wii – Flame Runner

So this is actually a bike, but hey – it’s not even real as it exists in the world of Mario, so cut me some slack. This large, heavy bike packs a punch and can get up to some neck breaking speeds, although it’s weight means it may take you a while to get there. Originally named ‘Bowser Bike’ in the PAL version of the game, the machines appearance mirrors the character which it was named after, the only one in the series to do so.

Car4) Burnout 3: Takedown – Muscle Type 1

In my opinion, this third installment in the popular race and smash series was the best, with follow ups ‘Revenge’ and ‘Paradise’ just not coming up to scratch. The game featured a whole host of cars to rag around the tracks and I loved this particular car for two reasons. Not only did its weight make it great for taking down your opponents with a great deal of gusto, but it looked so darn cool too, especially in black with white stripes.


3) James Bond 007: Blood Stone – Aston Martin DB5
Without a shadow of a doubt, the most iconic Bond car in film history made an appearance in 2010 game Blood Stone. The game was far from the best in the Bond series, but who can pass the chance to drive this timeless and gadget packed automobile?

Gtr2) Gran Turismo 5 –  Red Bull X2010

Here’s another hypothetical machine on my list, and this one’s a bad ass. Designed by Adrian Newey, head engineer at Red Bull Racing, it was created to be the ultimate racing machine, built for a world where no boundaries exist. He did a great job as this monster can reach pant wetting speeds of up to 311mph, which of course is highly illegal in the real world.

Gtav1) GTA 5 – Entity XF by Overflod

By far the best eye candy the game has to offer, this speed demon should be pinched at any given chance. The third fastest car in the fifth, record breaking game series (according to Autoweb) will leave the authorities eating dirt and coughing up dust as you disappear in a haze of smoke and glory. Gone in 60 seconds? You’ll make like Houdini and disappear in seconds if you’re lucky enough to bag this beauty.