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Far Cry 4: Creative Director Alex Hutchinson Talks Gameplay

Creative Director Alex Hutchinson talked Far Cry 4 for a podcast on Game Informer. Far Cry 4 enthusiasts can finally be at peace after this post. Thanks to Neogaf user dbjay1994 for a succinct summary of the podcast!

Maps, Creatures, and Game Mods

  • Have no fear! The map size is dense because of mountainous regions, but for the most part it is very similar to FC3’s rook island
  • Hutchinson stated the possibility of making an extreme Far Cry game reminiscent of what the modding community might come up with: hypothermia in cold water, when bitten by infected animals, you may be susceptible to deadly diseases, permatdeath, and other interesting modifications. Although FC4 lacks these interesting features, Hutchinson may consider them in the future (All in favor of hypothermia, say I!)
  • Be prepared for demon fish and honeybadgers, FC4 is devoid of sharks (thank goodness!)
  • Like the real world, in mountainous areas of the game, air is very in important. Without enough oxygen supply, your health will plummet.
  • *screams* AVALANCE! No, users cannot trigger them automatically, but there is an avalanche setpiece.

Far Cry 4, Multiplayer, Unlockables, and more!

  • The FC4 PS4/PS3 version gives users 10 tickets called “Keys to Kyrat”, which can be given to friends. From there, friends use “Keys to Kyrat” to download a limited version of FC4 equipped with co-op content. Unfortunately, it does not include single player content. Friends will only have access to a limited version while you’re playing the main version. Yes, it’s complicated but Hutchinson hopes to implement a time box in the future to eliminate further confusion.
  • Split screen co-op does not exist (boo!)
  • If you’re looking to play FC4 with friends, then you’ve found the right game. Although the option exists, no further details were given. Essentially, FC3 gameplay flopped but developers are hoping to use this as means to improve FC4’s multiplayer potential.
  • Wingsuit will be unlocked fairly early in the game
  • Players can stop cinematics with actions: no prompt will tell them to though considering prompts are hidden. (This option was used to address the quite time event-driven boss fights in FC3)

Grenades, Fire, and Weapons

  • Grenades can be thrown through enemy car windows. In fact, you can do this while you’re driving and flee the scene!       Who’s excited??
  • Like previous Far Cry installments, fire still spread like….wildfire (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)
  • There was talk of using dung to coat errors but the team denied this possibility
  • HUD, elements of the UI, (ex. XP feedback, etc) can be shut off. The team took next generation console sharing features in mind when implementing this key feature.
  • There are many possible endings, they are extremely vague. (Don’t expect to press LT for good or RT for bad ending)
  • Players have the ability to choose different factions. As expected, this impacts how you interact and form relationships with characters as well as the ending.
  • Outposts can be rest, however the team may give a reason for it

Oh man, doesn’t Far Cry 4 sounds absolutely flawless? Geek Insider will keep you updated on the latest news regarding FC4!