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Fan Made Mega Man Unlimited Gets Release Date

If you haven’t yet heard of Mega Man Unlimited then you need to readjust your priorities. This flash game idea turned full blown video game development project has managed to garner a cult following off of a concept video alone. When Phillipe “MegaPhilX” Poulin decided to make a video of what he imagined Mega Man 10 would look like, he had no idea the kind of response it would garner. With creative ideas and flashy new Robot Masters, Mega Man Unlimited captured to hearts of Mega Man fans everywhere.


You might be thinking that since Mega Man 10 has actually come out, now that MMU is a little pointless. It’s no surprise that MM10 beat the game out, as it’s been in development for four years now. But MegaPhilX has simply announced that MMU takes place in between 9 and 10. It’s going to be a direct sequel to 9 while helping to branch the time gap in between the two games. Not that it really matters, I mean how many people actually demand flawless continuity from the Mega Man series. Let alone from a fan made psuedo-sequel that’s not even an actual part of the franchise.

One of the reasons that MMU has become so popular is do to MegaPhillX’s interaction with the community surrounding his game. He regularly updates the MMU Facebook page, putting up polls and questions to gauge what the fans would like in the game. That’s exactly how the ascetics of the boss screens were decided on. You know, the ones that pop up after you select the level and the Master Robot does a cool little move. He created a couple examples that he liked then put them to the community for a final decision. In a lot of ways MMU isn’t just MegaPhilX’s project, it’s the whole communities project.

I can hear you, “But what of game mechanics?” you say, well I’ll tell you. MMU appears to be doing it’s best to stick tightly to the formula of classic Mega Man games. This doesn’t however mean there is nothing new to be had in this fine looking game! In the clips we can see new puzzle mechanics, like rotating lights, and Mega Man can gain the ability to charge his shots, a feature that was removed from both MM9 and MM10. MegaPhilX also claims that MMU will have a difficulty above that of a standard Mega Man game.

Some of the stages (especially the final ones) are [a lot] longer than usual, are a test of your endurance and you will have to use all the resources at your disposal. Are you ready for that kind of challenge? I sure hope so. It’s not going to be easy,・ -MegaPhilX

Of course MMU will include 9 new Robot Masters and 9 new powers for Mega Man to obtain. That may seem a little odd as most Mega Man games would contain only 8, but MMU also has it’s own secret Master, Yoku Man, to find and destroy.

So, who are the Robot Masters you’ll be facing down in this new Blue Bomber adventure? Well let me give you a brief summary.


From left to right we have:

Trinitro Man, Glue Man, Nail Man, Yoku Man, Tank Man, Yo Yo Man, Rainbow Man, Jet Man, Comet Woman

Now those Master Robots look awesome, if you ask me. I’m particularly a fan of Rainbow Man, because blinky lights are entertaining whether you’re at a rave or not. Strap down, MMU will be available on July 14th and it looks like it’s going to be one of the greatest fan games in video game history. If all of this hasn’t been enough to get you hyped up for the Mega Man’s biggest fan made romp yet, then I don’t know what could be! Oh wait, how about a sweet announcement trailer with some gameplay?