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Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Order on Imperial Edition Shows Up at 20% Off

Bethesda’s upcoming MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online pre-orders are now available and will hit the PC digital shelves on April 4th of this year. Today Bethesda announced details on an upgraded and more expensive Imperial Edition, prompting the PC digital retailer GameFly to sell both the Standard and Imperial Edition on their site. What’s notable about that is GameFly has a near-sitewide coupon code, offering the first ever pre-order discount for both the Standard Edition and the Imperial Edition.

Use coupon FEB20OFF at checkout for 20%:

Beyond the discount, The Elder Scrolls Online for PC features several pre-order discounts for the Standard Edition. The pre-order bonuses not only carry over to the “Imperial Edition” but also get better and give you a ton of extra content.

Standard Edition – $48 (normally $59.99)

  • 3 day early access (April 1st start)
  • 30 days included game time
  • Explorer Pack DLC which includes:
    1. Any Race or Alliance made playable, except Imperial (boo!)
    2. Scuttler vanity pet
    3. Bonus Treasure maps

Imperial Edition – $64 (normally $79.99)

  • 5 day early access (March 30th start)
  • 30 days included game time
  • “Explorer Pack” DLC
  • Play as an Imperial in any Alliance
  • Ability to craft or transform Imperial gear
  • Rings of Mara mission to get bonus XP
  • Imperial White Horse Mount
  • Mudcrab Vanity Pet

The Elder Scrolls Online will also release on the PS4 and Xbox One, but you’ll have to wait until June 30th. Sucks for console gamers or a savings grace as there’s always a vocal minority against a subscription based MMORPG. Will ESO be the next big MMO hit, reviving a genre that’s quickly going the way of free to play? Or will it struggle to gain a player base, quickly switching to a F2P model like most modern MMOs. Time will tell.