Eat Like a Geek: Ten Delicious Geeky Recipies

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Food. It’s great, right? There’s really nothing better, unless you count sleep or maybe how it feels to beat a new video game for the first time or discover a new favorite TV show. Logically, then, food when combined with favorite video games or TV shows will be even more awesome. Here are ten recipes that do exactly that, and we (and our stomachs) are so glad for it.

10 Fun & Delicious Geeky Recipes

#1. Firefly‘s “Problematic” Icecream Ice-Planets


A cleverly engineered version of River Tam’s odd and awkward choice of snack food from the Firefly episode “The Message.” The hanging spheres of delicious creamy goodness can be made in most any flavor you can purchase and take little time to prepare, giving you a ‘Verse full of flavorful options to serve at your next shiny shindig.

#2. Pumpkin Pasties off the Hogwarts Express Trolley

Geekrecipes_pumpkin pasties

 Just because you haven’t yet gotten your Hogwarts letter doesn’t mean that you have to wait in order to eat some of the Wizarding World’s tastiest treats. These delicious pumpkin pastries are good warm or cold, and go well with a mug of butter beer or a glass of pumpkin juice. For the more adventurous baker, you can also apply the recipe’s basic principles to making turnovers with other kinds of filling.

#3. “Yeto’s Superb Soup” a la Twilight Princess


Drinking soup to replenish health is an ongoing option in the Legend of Zelda games, with Grandma’s Elixir Soup from Wind Waker and the Pumpkin Soup from Pumpkin’s Landing in Skyward Sword as other examples. In Twilight Princess, you actually help the yeti Yeto collect ingredients for this delicious pumpkin, cheese, and haddock soup via dungeon run! Perfect for curing whatever ails you, especially if what ails you is possession by a Twilight mirror shard. Guaranteed to refill eight heart containers.

#4. Mountain Dew Pound Cake for Dungeons & Dragons Game Night


Mountain Dew and Doritos are staples for a Dungeons & Dragons session more out of tradition than taste at this point. After all, nothing is more inherent to a night of tabletop adventuring than inside jokes. If you’re looking for a tasty way to go that extra mile for your party members, this pound cake (based on a classic recipe) is a great way to bring new life to an old gag. (And maybe butter the DM up a bit.)

#5. Lembas from Lothlorien


Lembas, also known as Elvish waybread, is a bread that is said to fill the stomach of even the most active of halfling adventurers with only a single bite. While this version of lembas will probably need more than one bite to fill you up, Veggietorials’ recipe will actually make a pretty stalwart bread. Most online recipes for lembas are based off of traditional shortbread recipes; this one is a healthy, hearty and vegan version with ingredient substitute suggestions allowing you to customize it to your own taste preferences.

#6. Star Wars inspired Blue Bantha Milk


Sure, you could just drop some blue food coloring in a glass of 2% and call it a day, but where’s the fun in that? This Bantha milk recipe combines vanilla soymilk and fruit punch to make a sweet, creamy blue mixture that really tastes like it comes from a galaxy far, far away. A nice accompanying drink to any of the other foods listed here, and perfect for slinging back after a long day of moisture farming.

#7. Doctor Who‘s “Fish Fingers” and Custard


It really doesn’t taste that bad! Still, if your taste buds aren’t recovering from a regeneration, this version of the Eleventh Doctor’s memetic first meal might be more acceptable to your palate– the “fish fingers” are actually cookies. Absolutely no fish involved! Perfect for munching during a rewatch marathon or as a final toast to the Drunk Giraffe’s departure from the show.

#8. An Edible Horta from Star Trek: The Original Series


Assuredly more tasty than silicon, Food Replicator’s chocolate crackles-style Horta is an edible version of that misunderstood monster from “The Devil in the Dark.” You can even make it with a marshmallow phaser wound for extra accuracy points! Besides, when’s the next time you’re going to be able to tell your friends “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not a pastry chef!”?

#9. Lamb Shawarma– Avengers Approved!


What could be more fulfilling after a tough day of fighting off an alien invasion (and your teammates) than some warm, savory shawarma? Unfortunately, homemade shawarma can be a little hard to make; roasting traditional shawarma takes time, as well as expensive and bulky equipment most people don’t have. This is a nice little recipe that gets the job done without requiring too much money or effort, or the destruction of half of Manhattan.

#10. The Cake from Minecraft


Just look at this gorgeous block of  sponge cake! The cake will take a few more ingredients than two sugars, three buckets of milk, an egg, and some wheat– but not much more. Cutting the ready-to-roll icing out in pixelated shapes is a nice extra touch, but it will probably taste just as amazing and still fill your hunger bar just as much.


Are you a geeky gastronomist? Got a fun, inspired recipe to share with us? Want to show us a picture of your own cooking attempts? Share your culinary achievements in the comments below!