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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets Co-op & a 23% Discount

Announced just yesterday, the upcoming AAA RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition will be getting a mutliplayer co-op mode similar in style to Mass Effect 3. Perhaps in a bid to ride the news hype train, the UK based digital retailer Green Man Gaming launched a 23% off coupon for the PC version of Dragon Age & another AAA release from EA FIFA 15. For those looking to preorder, it’s a rare opportunity to save $13 off the $59.99 list price.

Update: 9/19: GMG’s 23% coupon is dead. In its place is a 15% coupon.

GameStop’s 15% off coupon code ends soon!

For those curious about the new Dragon Age multiplayer mode, you can read more about it here. Essentially you, and up to 3 others, will be put into a randomly generated large level with numerous subsections. You’ll then be given a mission and have a chance to gather loot and experience. The nearly 200 hour single player campaign will not be open to co-op.