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DOTA 2 Tournament Formats and Match Analysis

Some of the biggest technology advancements were made possible through sports, and this is clearly seen in the esports world. Dota 2 has become a household name in this industry, raking in millions of players for its creators each day.

This platform not only caters to the needs of gamers, but gamblers also. It is renowned worldwide for its tournament series which boasts the biggest prize pool that can be won. This article is aimed at equipping you with everything to know to start your journey in Dota 2 betting.

Format of Professional Matches in Dota 2

Before we dive into how to go about wagering on Dota 2 through the 1win app, we need to understand the intricacies of the game and what it entails. 

It is a multiplayer game that features matches of ten players, split in two teams; known as Light (Radiant) and Darkness (Dire). Positions are given to each player, which all actions carried out in the game depends upon.

  • 1 (Carry): This is the main position in a team, with the responsibility of dealing substantial damages to the enemy placed here. The hero is usually weak for the first 15 to 25 minutes of the game, and should actively farm during this period. Hard Support is needed to protect them during this period to avoid engaging in fights.
  • 2 (Midlaner): Farming on the middle lane is the responsibility of this position. They are also expected to get the level and minimum artifacts, create space for the carry during the period of farming and also help out other lanes through one versus one matchups.
  • 3 (Offlaner): Disruption of enemy carry’s farming is the major role of this position. This is also to be done while farming on the hard lane and collecting aura artifacts.
  • 4 (Soft Support/Roam): The fourth position’s role is to move around the map and be a nuisance by providing frags (i.e. killing opponents). Most games, the second support is in the lane helping the offlaner. 
  • 5 (Hard Support): This is a hero role division known as the support which does not farm unlike the core, but assists the team in areas of healing and buffs provision. Most of the gold coins earned, is spent on consumables and auxiliary artifacts.
Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, dota 2 tournament formats and match analysis, gaming

Dota 2 Tournaments

There are various tournaments; both amateur and professional, organized by various companies each year. The popularity of these tournaments keeps rising every season. We will provide knowledge on this, as it is an opportunity for huge prizes to be won.

The International

This is the biggest Dota 2 tournament in the world. It is organized by the company Valve and a prize pool of 31 million dollars is put up for grabs every year. Every team’s dream is to win this tournament, but they first have to go through the preliminary stage of the championship. This stage is divided into:

  • Regional qualifiers.
  • Group stage.
  • Main event.

Dota Pro Circuit (DPC)

Valve adopted a point rating system which is used in the DPC. Here, teams earn qualification points for victories in sponsored tournaments. The top twelve teams in the ranking are guaranteed spots in that season’s International.

With this system, teams are encouraged to perform well in all tournaments, to enable them to qualify for the championship which is the holy grail of all Dota 2 competitions.

Mars Dota 2 League (MDL)

MDL is a series of tournaments organized by a Shanghai Company called Mars Media. It is a LAN hosted competition in the mainland of China. Recently, MDL tournaments have been organized in some parts of France, which has boosted the reputation of this league from just being China based.

Match Analysis

There are various factors to be taken into consideration, which help decide the chances of a team being victorious.

  • Team picks: There will be heroes which are stronger in a patch. Knowledge of this gives you an advantage of which team is stronger and has better hero combinations.
  • Artifact assembly: Heroes need to be paired with the right artifact. Through these artifacts, teams can be given significant boosts needed to win.
  • Player form: You should always ensure to research a player’s recent stats, as great stats translate to incredible form, which increases the chances of such a team winning.

Types of Dota 2 Bets

Various bet types are made available for Dota 2 gamblers. Some of the popular options include:

  • Money-line Betting: This basically refers to bets predicting which team or player is victorious at the end of a match.
  • Spreads Betting: Also called handicap bets. This takes things up a notch, by forecasting the number of points a team is either going to win or lose by.
  • Over/Under Bets: You can place a bet on; if the number of rounds or frags (kills) in a match will exceed a certain number or not
  • Propositions Betting: This allows you to place bets on a team or player performing a particular achievement first. Such achievements include; a player getting a rampage (five kills in succession) or a player drawing first blood.


We have given you more than enough information about Dota 2 matches and how to venture into betting on it. So, get out there and start gaming, and make it count!

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