Desk Pets’ Tankbot Displays Smartphone Controlled Remote Control Toy


Radio-controlled machines have been consistent in the early years of recent generations, and that trend continues with one of the better products to date: Desk Pets’ Tankbot. Tankbot revolutionizes the remote control toy and is sure to catch your attention as it’s done mine!

We at Geek have had the pleasure of experiencing one of the leading enjoyable gadgets to hit the market. Meet our Tankbot from Desk Pets, the advanced optical navigation technology remote control toy. But what stands before its equipped features is its tinted front windshield which houses the LEDs. Expect alternating lights that also sound and sense objects around them with the help of the two tracks which mobilizes the Tankbot. Although what is even more capturing than Tankbot’s futuristic design is its capabilities.

Desk pets tankbot: full review
Guard against enemy’s with Desk Pets’ Tankbots…or scare the Dog!



  • Tankbots are available in four different colors: Grey, Blue, Orange, and Green
  • Advanced optical navigation technology
  • Features light-up eyes and robot sounds
  • Three modes: touchless navigation, autonomous personality mode, smartphone control
  • Compatible with iOS devices and Android devices (2.1 and up)
  • Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Insert the Desk Pet Universal Remote into your headphone jack to control your TankBot
  • Integrated USB connector to recharge bot using your computer
  • Automatic power-down after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Batteries: Internal rechargeable battery (40 minutes charge for 15 minutes play time)

Deskpet tankbot review

GeekMag’s Experience


The process is as easy as plugging in the remote-control receiver for the earphone jack of your smartphone, and that’s about it. There are some instructions on the packaging, although the app does give detailed assistance if need be.

Prior to the rigorous GeekMag Test, I charged the tank up quickly through my computer for about 40 minutes. I admit I took a quick detour from the procedure and took my Tankbot out for a spin to scare my overly curious dog. My bot was quick enough to chase around him through the living room, under tables, and around chair legs with the swipe of a finger. I then connected the plugin into my android earphone jack and I stationed the tankbot for its tabletop obstacle course. What lied in front of the green monster was a collection of books, boxes and a couple cups (Normal clutter on my desktop). But to my surprise there was no problem for the tankbot as it made sharp, agile turns, sped up ramps, and turned large corners. I felt like a kid again the way I sat behind my smartphone using my thumbs as controls to the miniature vehicle personality.

Desk Pets does not limit your Tankbot to just maze and object avoiding fun-here are explanations of each of the three control modes:

Mode 1: In obstacle avoidance mode, the Tankbot searches for blockades and doesn’t travel in a straight line. If it doesn’t find any obstacles, it spins full circle and goes to sleep. Moving an object within a relatively close distance in front of the product will wake it up. If a climbing plan is too steep for the Tankbot it will reverse turn in this mode as well as all other modes.

Mode 2: This is considered the light and sound mode. Here there is a given sense of Tankbot’s personality as it flashes various lights and emits different sounds on its own agenda.

Mode 3: Mode 3 allows for complete user control, within the distance of 1m to 3m the smartphone can efficiently control the Tankbot. If the vehicle is not controlled for over 60 seconds, it spins around and proceeds to sleep.

Three cool control modes
Three cool control modes

Interesting enough the device can run on its own artificial intelligence by way of its “genetic” makeup.  From internal sensors dictating its path to controlling the machine with your smartphone yourself, there are multiple ways to enjoy the multi-use bot. A simple download and setup process will have you driving your Tankbot around in no time. With the press of a button to verify your receiver’s connection, the setup will get you started with ease. You’ll notice in the official app that there’s a growing family of these vehicles growing, collect them all as Desk Pet continues to expand!

If you’re looking for a gadget that gives you lots of fun, you should consider the DeskPet tankbot as one of the iPad and iPad Mini Accessories you have to have.