Darks Souls 2 Walkthrough: Things Betwixt

'dark souls 2' walkthrough

Welcome to Dark Souls 2, where it is up to you to free the land of Drangleic from an ancient curse. Of course, this isn’t going to be easy so Geek Insider is here to help!

Things Betwixt

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Rusted Coin x1 (use to temporarily boost luck)

Human Effigy x2 (restores Humanity when used)

Stone ring x1 (additional reduction of enemy poise)

Gold pine resin x1 (add lightning damage to unbuffed/unenchanted weapon)

Smooth and Silky Stone x1 (mildly heals HP, can be traded in different area for items of greater value)

Torch x1 (equips in left hand, provides greater illumination and can light up sconces that provide permanent light afterward. Lost if player rolls through water)

Soul of the Lost Undead x1 (use to gain extra souls)

Dagger x1

Life Gem x1 (heals health a moderate amount)

Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1 (use to gain extra souls)

Amber Herb x2 (slightly restores spell use)

Cracked Red Eye Orb x1 (use to invade other players’ worlds as a red phantom. Must be human and not in Majula to use. 10 minute time limit to kill host.)

Handmaid’s Ladle x1 (pretty useless weapon unless infused with base poison of 120 before reinforcing)

Getting Started

After a great cinematic intro, you’ll find yourself in the first area; Things Betwixt.

First things first. You need to find the home of the Fire Keepers so you can build your character.  To do this, leave the pedestal you’re on and head forward but keep an eye out for a crevice on your right. There’s a corpse with a rusted coin hiding there.Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, darks souls 2 walkthrough: things betwixt, how to

Keep going and you’ll enter a clearing full of tall grass, skeletons, and creepy prowler hounds. Attack one if you wish, but be prepared for all of them to gang up and destroy you. There is another crevice hidden behind some bushes to the left of the bridge but I wouldn’t recommend going there yet. Instead, continue over the bridge to the house you’ll find soon after.

The Fire Keepers’ Home

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, darks souls 2 walkthrough: things betwixt, how to

Here you’ll get to create and name your character and you’ll get a human effigy from one of the old Fire Keepers. Make sure to collect the second human effigy in the chest from the second floor and then you’re ready to go.

Fun fact:  Killing these harmless biddies yields 9 human effigies. However, with them gone, you lose the ability to respec (the ability to redistribute your skill points later on in the game) until you can afford the hefty 15, 000 soul cost to bring the one Fire Keeper (Strowen) back. Human effigies are as valuable as souls since your humanity allows you so many benefits compared to when you are hollow. These include the ability to summon friendly phantoms, access to your max HP, and the use of certain items in the game (so don’t waste them!)

Taming the Beast

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, darks souls 2 walkthrough: things betwixt, how to

Now you can go back to that crevice you passed up. It’s here that you can follow big paw prints in the ground and you’ll find a lovely cyclops waiting for you. Be warned, he’s pretty tough. If you have ranged attack, you can lure him close to the doorway and pick off his health from there. He’s way too big to pass through the door so it’s a pretty safe way to go. At this point, your melee attack won’t do a lot of damage and you’re likely to lose the first few times you fight him. You’ll have to be very careful, utilizing your rolling ability while slowly knocking down his health.

Remember, you can always come back and kill him when you’re stronger. He’ll drop a stone ring when he dies and the corpse nearby yields gold pine resin. This path will lead you over a bridge and back to the Fire Keepers’ home.

There is another path, by the house and hidden in the lichen, which will take you behind the waterfall. It’s here that you can find the smooth and silky stone.

Training in the Woods

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, darks souls 2 walkthrough: things betwixt, how to

In the home of the Fire Keepers is the door that will lead you to your training area and also to your very first bonfire! Destroy the wagon in this room to get to the corpse on the other side that yields a torch that you can light at the bonfire and a soul of the lost undead.

Past this chamber is the forest. Enter the first mist door on your left. There are several hollows to get through, which are easy to kill if you just time your attacks appropriately. Go all the way up the hill to get a dagger. Continue onward to face your first hollow archer. In this area is a corpse with a life gem.Going through the mist again puts you on a level above the main forest path.

Just below you, on a ledge, is a corpse with a soul of a nameless soldier. Drop down and go left to find a nest. It’s here that you can trade items. If you drop (don’t discard) the smooth and silky stone, you can get a random item in return. There’s a ladder you can kick down so you can return easily to the nest for future trading.

The next training path is to your right, through the mist again. There’ll be more combat and movement training for you to try. This path, once you leap over the crevice, yields up two amber herbs. When you jump back over, you’ll notice a ladder leading up to another ledge. It’s here where you can practice your jumping attack on the hollow below your level. Once you’ve defeated the two hollows here, you can go through the wooden door to a room that has a corpse with the cracked red eye orb.

The mist door exits this place and brings you to a wooden bridge crossing over the main forest path. The bridge connects to a balcony that has a sconce you can light with your torch to illuminate the next tutorial area if you wish. To continue on, jump down from the bridge and enter the final mist door.

Watch out for the archer and kick down the dead tree to get across the chasm. Past the archer is a pit where another hollow awaits. Be careful, there is also an archer waiting for you down there. Once you finish with the first hollow, follow the ladder up and dispatch the archer. Exit through the mist door. If you go around the tree, you can get to the main path by a shortcut that is guarded by only one hollow.

You’ll also see a nice beach being enjoyed by an ugly ogre. Feel free to fight it but be wary of the second ogre waiting in a shadowy alcove by the stone ramp leading to the beach.  If you manage to kill the two ogres, you’ll find a coffin half submerged in the water (after killing these creatures, you can go talk to Milibeth back at the Fire Keepers’ house and get a handmaid’s ladle.) Examining it will make your character enter it then wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, your gender has now changed.

After all this, you have completed Things Betwixt and can now enter the farthest mist door on the main forest path that leads to the next area; Majula.