Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough: Forest of Fallen Giants – Part 2

'dark souls 2' walkthrough

Welcome to Dark Souls 2, where it is up to you to free the land of Drangleic from an ancient curse. Of course, this isn’t going to be easy so Geek Insider is here to help! For Part 1 of this section, click here.

Forest of Fallen Giants

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Titanite Shard x2

Green Blossom x2 (temporarily boosts stamina recovery time when eaten)

Great Soul Arrow x1

Large Soul of a Lost Undead x2

Blue Wooden Shield x1

Chloranthy Ring x1 (raises stamina recovery time)

Titanite Slab x1

Life Ring x1 (Raises HP)

Large Titanite Slab x1

Aromatic Ooze x3 (apply to weapon to inflict magical damage for a short time. Effective against enemies with armor)

Sorcerer’s Staff x1

Light Crossbow x1

Mail Breaker x1

Infantry Helm x1

Homeward Bone x2

Halberd x1

Large Leather Shield x1

Fire Arrow x10

Black Fire Bomb x3

Bastard Sword x1

Hunter Set x1

Large Soul of a Proud Knight x1

Ring of Restoration x1 (gradually restores HP)

Drangleic Set x1

Drangleic Shield x1

Drangleic Sword x1

The Pursuer’s First Appearance

Go back to the ladder at the entrance of the cave you are now in. Ascend and go down the battlements to your right. The archer is still there. Continue past and drop onto a rooftop on your right. Head back up the ramp on your right and towards the very first rooftop you landed on. Look for the middle level of the building and follow the ramp to the ground. There will be an archer to your right. Head straight, along the water, and find the corpse next to a gate. It will have a titanite shard.

From the gate, head back the way you came. Go up the plank ramp you came down on. Look for the hard left that will take you onto a short set of planks. These you can use to drop down to the big tree branch you started from.

Go under the branch and follow the water. It will lead you to a ladder. Watch out for the Hollow hiding in the area. Climb the ladder to the roof above. To your right is a plank bridge, which will also take you back to the tree.

Go to the top of the tree again. Go further on and you’ll find a Hollow throwing fire bombs at you. To your right will be a ladder that will bring you to the Hollow’s level. When you climb up, you’ll trigger an event. An eagle will fly by and drop the Pursuer. If you’re not a high level, it’s probably a better idea to run. You can face him later. But if you beat him here, he won’t appear later on. However if you die or drop off the ledge, he won’t appear again in this location.

A Bonfire Shortcut

Go back down the ladder after dealing with the firebombing Hollow.  Go past all the wooden barricades and you’ll find some barrels stacked by the wall. They are explosive so if you throw a firebomb at them, they’ll blast down the wall and open up a shortcut to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, dark souls 2 walkthrough: forest of fallen giants - part 2, how to

The First Pharro’s Lock Contraption

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, dark souls 2 walkthrough: forest of fallen giants - part 2, how to

From the short cut, go left. There are two Hollows there. Go down the ladder to the stone staircase. Check the corner by the stairs where a corpse has a green blossom. Go forward and you’ll find a broken wall to your right. If you go inside, you’ll trigger the ballista that will fire. There are also four Hollows that will swarm out at you. If you time it right, you can trigger the trap and escape, the arrows should be able to kill a Hollow for you. In the room are two corpses with great soul arrow, a large soul of a lost undead, and a blue wooden shield. At the back, there is a ladder.

Go into the lower room and there is a chest there. Be careful, opening it will trigger a trap. Roll to the left or right to dodge. Inside the chest is a titanite shard. If you have a Pharro’s lock stone, you can use it the appropriate hole in the wall. A face will appear on a nearby wall. Attack it and it will reveal a hidden room with two chests. In these are a chloranthy ring and a titanite slab.

Continuing Further

Exit the secret room and go to the closed door. Attack it and the three Hollows on the other side will open it. Inside the room beyond is a chest with a life ring and a large titanite shard. This is where you’ll meet Pate who will warn you about a trap.

Go through the archway and fight the three Hollows there. Behind you, the archway will closed and prevent you from going back. Go straight through the open doorway and into the hallway beyond. There is a corpse here with three aromatic oozes. Go forward and check for the secret panel in the wall that will give you a sorcerer’s staff and two amber herbs. At the end of the hallway, turn left to find a staircase. There are three Hollows waiting. Go up the stairs and there will be two more Hollows.

At the top of the stairs, there will be a Hollow standing in front of a doorway. Go through and there will be a cart blocking the path. Go left and you’ll be on the wall above Pate, back behind the gate that dropped down behind you. You can drop down either side. Visit Pate again and go through his new conversation. At the end, you’ll get a white sign soapstone.

Past the Ballista Room

Go the opposite direction of the ballista room and you’ll enter a courtyard. Here is a tough armored soldier and two firebomb throwing Hollows up above. If you can’t kill the armored soldier, you can attack him, lead him into the ballista room and shoot him there. The courtyard has a doorway to the right. It will take you another courtyard with a “dead” Hollow against the wall. Skip the ladder against the wall for now.

Go through the next archway and there will be another courtyard. There will be a large tree to the right. Behind the tree is a corpse with a large soul of a lost undead. Go back to the ladder you skipped and climb up. You’ll be back on the wall above Pate and the closed gate.

Go right and you’ll find a corpse with a light crossbow. Go through the doorway past the corpse and you’ll be in a fort. Go further into the next section of the fort and drop down into the room you’ll find there. There will be three Hollows waiting. The iron chest contains a mail breaker and one infantry helm. Go back to the ledge above and jump across the gap. The corpse there holds one torch and one soul of a nameless soldier.

Making the Second Shortcut

Drop down from the ledge and return to the courtyard where the armored soldier was. Go through the doorway he guards and into a large room. The stair to your right leads to a corpse with a life gem and a homeward bone. Go back down the stairs. To your right is a locked door. To your left are two Hollows. Go past the ruins of the giant sword, there will be a “dead” Hollow, and there will be a corpse in the corner with two amber herbs. Ignore the mist door for now. Go up the blade of the stone sword, there are two Hollows above. Beyond them is a corpse with a halberd and a soul of a nameless soldier.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, dark souls 2 walkthrough: forest of fallen giants - part 2, how to

Head back and enter the mist door.

Crystal Lizard Alert: Sprint and quickly engage the lizard in this room.

There is a Hollow in the room as well. Head down the stairs to the boarded up door. The corpse there will give you a large leather shield and a life gem. Go back up to the room again and head straight across the room, turning right. There will be a corpse that will yield ten fire arrows. Go further on and to the right will be the elevator that leads the Last Giant boss fight. First, open the door to create a shortcut to the ladder that leads to the second bonfire in the area.

The Last Giant Boss Fight

To reach the Last Giant, step on the pressure plate elevator and descend. Once you stop, go down the hallway. There is a Hollow waiting in the doorway to your left. The door is locked for now (you need the iron key from the Iron Keep) and leads to the Flame Lizard Pit from before. Go down the tunnel to the mist door. This will lead you to the boss fight with the Last Giant. If you need help, you can summon Pate here.

After The Fight

Now you have the soldier’s key (it unlocks four doors in total), you can return to the room before the rooftops, just past the bonfire ladder. The key will unlock the door there and allows you to access the staircase beyond. Descend and enter the dark room below. There is a “dead” hollow on the left; three more enemies also wait to attack. There is a corpse with three black firebombs and a homeward bone. Exit through the door and you’ll be outside. There will be ruins of old buildings. There are some more Hollows and an archer waiting here.

The small building across from you houses more Hollows. Inside, you’ll also find a bastard sword. Ladders on the outside and inside of this building will lead to the roof where two large Hollow wait. Search the corpse here for three cracked red eye orbs and a soul of a nameless soldier. Past the building is a small clearing and a gate. The corpse by the gate has an amber herb and green blossom.

Beyond this gate is the ambush, Pate warned you about. Find the broken down house, it is the path you can take over the big gap and will give you access to the rest of the area. A Hollow guards a small room which houses a tree. Examine the tree and it will actually be a Resting Giant. Going further into another room will have the Soldier’s Rest bonfire.

Go up the elevated land at the end of this area and get the hunter set and a large soul of a proud knight.

The Pursuer

Another door that can be opened using your soldier’s key is the door down the bonfire ladder, left through the archway, and to the right. Another is across the bridge (with the “sleeping” Hollow) where you can get three torches and a ring of restoration (you can’t go further without the symbol of the King). The fourth door is the path to the Pursuer, who you met previously. Head past the elevator you used to fight the Last fallen Giant and turn right after the stone archway. Go back to the room with the great stone sword. The door to the left of the stairs is what you want. Go through and up the stairs. There is a mist door. Don’t go through just yet. Go right, up the stairs, and search the body for a soul of a nameless soldier and three life gems. Now you can go through the mist to face the Pursuer.

What’s Next?

After you defeat the Pursuer, continue forward. If you drop down the hole in the floor, you will get the Drangleic set, a Drangleic shield, and a Drangleic sword. Drop down once more and you’ll be in the beginning of the area where you first went up to face the Pursuer. Head all the way back up and onwards, go up the stairs to the right to find a nest. An eagle will grab you and take you to The Tower Apart bonfire in the Lost Bastille area.