Daniel kalban, comic book creator, is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Daniel Kalban, American Dreams Comic | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, Daniel Kalban first fell in love with comics the way many of us first do: their animated adventures on television. When his father handed down his own comics from the silver age, Daniel was hooked. The road to becoming a comic writer actually began in college when Daniel started getting comics regularly via Comixology and was writing fan scripts.

During and after college, Daniel would write fan scripts for his favorite characters, as well as his own original ideas. This soon developed into a short lived original Western webcomic, The Eagle.

Daniel kalban, comic book writer, is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

He then teamed up with another writer for another short lived comic. However, Daniel finally wrote and published the first issue of his comic, American Dreams, in 2018.

American Dreams combines two of Daniel’s passions: comics and history. Set in 1900 New York City, it revolves around a young immigrant whose life is change when he is affected by an experiment of Thomas Edison’s that went horribly awry. As he learns to use these powers, and begins to use them to protect the citizens, he begins to run across numerous characters from history ranging from Harry Houdini, to Emma Goldman, to J.P. Morgan.

An office assistant for a metropolitan law firm by day; Daniel is constantly writing and coming up with new concepts even as he continues to develop American Dreams. In his spare time, he is a devotee of the theater, as well as a bit of a gamer.

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