Coolmuster Android Backup Manager: Back up and Restore Android Data with 1 Click

Currently, we usually back up our important data from the Android phone to the computer for avoiding losing data. Thus, a practical backup application is necessary for us. Luckily, we have found an effective backup app – Android Backup and Restore, which is newly released by Coolmuster.

For writing the authentic review and providing the useful information of this Android backup and restore app, we have tested it in all aspects, including its backup and restoration features with all kinds of data types from the Android device. We hope the detailed description of this app can be beneficial to you.

Part 1: Key Features

  • Scan the content of the Android phones/tablets in a short time;
  • Back up Android phone to PC in 1 click, including contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps and documents.
  • Restore the backup files from the computer to the Android phone without hassle;
  • There are two connecting ways between Android and computer for your choice: USB cable and Wi-Fi;
  • Support different brands of Android phones and tablets, like Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8, Samsung Note series, Sony Xperia 10/5/4/3, HTC U12/U11/U19e/U Ultra/U Play, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Google, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

Part 2: Connection

To make an easy connection between Android phone and the computer, we need to install the mobile version of Coolmuster Android Backup Manager on the Android handset. It can help you connect your Android to the computer with a USB cable and Wi-Fi.

If you want a wireless connection, simply tap on the Wi-Fi icon on the primary interface of the program, and follow the onscreen prompts to scan the QR code, the connection will be successful in no time.

Pastedgraphic. Png

Part 3: How to Use

As for the tutorial, it is perfectly easy to use. After launching the app and connecting your Android to the computer, you can see the brief interface of this app.

Pastedgraphic_1. Png

As you would like to back up your Android data to the computer, you can click the “Backup” button, and you can choose a location you like on the PC to store your backup files. Then select the categories on the list and click the “Backup” icon at the bottom right, your Android data will be backed up to the computer quickly.

Pastedgraphic_2. Png

In addition, clicking the “Restore” button, you can not only select the backup files on the lists but also browse the computer to find the data you want to restore with “Add Backup Folder” button. Then, choose the files you want to restore and hit on the “Restore” icon, the program will restore your selected files to your Android phone immediately.

Pastedgraphic_3. Png

Part 4: Compatibility

This Android backup and restore manager is effective with Android phones and tablets. In general, it can work with various Android OSes from Android 2.1 to later. If you are worried that its compatibility, you can download it for free and have a try.

Furthermore, Coolmuster Android Backup Manager supports Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows XP/Vista. Therefore, its powerful compatibility is one of the highlights of this app. Besides, you can get more information about its compatibility in the following picture.

Pastedgraphic_4. Png

Part 5: Overall Performance

On one hand, during the testing process, this backup and restore software for Android has a great performance. It is fast to install and scan the contents of Android. Although there are too many files need to back up, it can finish the backup process in several minutes, and the restoring speed is incredibly quick as well.

On the other hand, it supports 8 major types of files on the Android device, which contains all the important data, so you can back up and restore your significant files easily. What’s more, it can keep the original quality of the files after the backup and restoration.

Part 6: Pricing

This Android backup and restore app has two kinds of pricing modes, one is the 1-year license, and the other is the lifetime license. The 1-year license on 1 PC is $19.95, and the lifetime license on 1 PC is $29.95. Moreover, there are 1-year and lifetime license on 5/10 PCs that you can choose. So, you can make a decision according to your will. After getting the registered license, you can use all the functions of this app. 

Coolmuster gives users a pretty good deal on pricing, and it is more attractive than other backup and restore apps in the application market. That’s one of the reasons why so many users choose it.

Final Verdict

It is believed that you have further known about Coolmuster Android Backup Manager from the aforementioned. If you do desire to back up and restore your data on Android effortlessly, this app is worth a try for it can give you the professional data backup and restoration services. Last but not least, welcome to leave your queries in the comments part below, we will be glad to answer them.


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