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Con*Quest Adventure Journal: All Of Your ComicCon Memories In One Awesome Place

Ahh, conventions. Where full-gown adults are allowed to frolic in costume, completely free of judgement. Where fandoms unite and “squeeeeeee” over their favorite hero’s autograph. Where nacho cheese and Ramen noodles flow like milk and honey in the promised land. Whether it’s comics, anime, or something more obscure, only those who have attended a convention of their choice can possibly know how memorable an event like these can really be. Friendships are forged, famous people are met, and amazing pictures of that cosplay that you have been working on for three years are taken. As your favorite convention weekend comes to a close and that sinking feeling of “only 364 days until next year’s con” sets in, don’t you wish there was a way to record all of your precious con memories in a safe, scrap-booky environment to be enjoyed time and time again? The folks at Con*Quest think that is EXACTLY what you need to remember and relive your convention adventures over and over, and we are inclined to agree! Check out their incredible brain-child, the Con*Quest Adventure Journal: Con*quest adventure journal

What’s Inside?

Each Con*Quest Adventure Journal is fashioned out of beautifully bound red cloth that sports the awesome Con*Quest logo. On the outside, features include a pen holder (already pre-filled with a black Sharpie, for your convenience) and an elastic band that holds the journal closed.  Inside, the journal is constructed in a traditional three-ring style for easy insertion of extra pages. Pages are constructed from heavy-duty cardstock and are printed in full, vibrant color. Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the pages included in each Con*Quest Adventure Journal:

  • (1) How-It-Works Page – Details the ideas behind Con*Quest Adventure Journal and explains where various convention paraphernalia can be inserted.
  • (1) Autograph Quest Page – This is where all of those amazing convention panel signatures go!
  • (7) Non- Quest Pages – These pages are not specific to any aspect of a convention, but serve as a great place (with gorgeous backgrounds) to place anything from flyers, to that napkin that someone doodled Pikachu on.
  • (1) Artist Quest Page – The Artist Quest page is used to house doodles and drawings from favorite artists that con-goers meet at artist panels or even lesser-known artists on the artist/vendor floor. Imagine having anime drawn and personalized, just for you, in your very on convention journal!
  • (1) Vendor Quest Page – The Vendor Quest page has space to record your favorite vendors and how to reach them after the con ends, as well as photos of what you bought and what you want to buy!
  • (1) Cosplay Quest Page – A page dedicated to recording your favorite characters spotted, all of the awesome photos you took, and of course, for working out who wore it better.
  • (1) Panel Quest Page – Panel Quest is a great place to record quotes from celebs at panels, as well as any photos you  might have snapped during a Q&A.
  • (1) Peep Quest Page – We all know how many new friends and contacts are made at each and every convention. Luckily, the Peep Quest page has plenty of space to record the names, phone numbers and addresses of everyone you want to stay in contact with after the convention ends.
  • (1) City Quest Page – City Quest is all about the host city for the convention you are attending. Where are the best places to stay, eat, and party? When you have a great (or terrible) experience with a hotel or restaurant, be sure to record it on the City Quest page.
  • (4) Page Protectors – These are fantastic as catch-all pouches for photos, flyers, directions, restaurant coupons, ticket stubs and much more!
  • (1) Business Card Page – Keep up with the business cards of your favorite artists and vendors in these handy business card slots.
  • (1) Zipper Pouch – Who ever said you can have too much storage? This handy zipper pouch will hold all of your necessities, from your hotel key, to your gum.

Check out the gallery below to see all of the Quest Pages, as well as the other accessories: It is also worth mentioning that each and every one of the Con*Quest Adventure Journal pages are double sided, giving you plenty of space to record everything.

Extra, Extra!

Not only are the folks and Con*Quest making really cool journals, they are also making sure you have everything you need to make that journal work for you, long term. My review box came loaded with extras in addition to the journal itself. Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, con*quest adventure journal: all of your comiccon memories in one awesome place, uncategorized Con*Quest Adventure Journal Tote Bag – THIS. When I heard about the Con*Quest Adventure Journal, the ONLY drawback that I could think of was having to haul it around a convention in my hands. Of course, the geniuses at Con*Quest were already one step ahead of me, and have had a custom Con*Quest Tote made especially for your journal carrying needs. The best part about this tote is that its handles are not the traditional short ones that you would see on a normal tote bag. The Con*Quest Journal Tote has one long. cross-body strap that keeps your hands free and your shoulder from aching. This tote can be added to your journal purchase for just $5.

Extra Pages –  I don’t know about you, but I typically come away from conventions with a LOT of stuff. Con*Quest has thought ahead and also sells packages of extra blank pages that can be added to your Adventure Journal when needed! These pages come in packs of 5.

Extra Page Protectors –  If you purchase a lot of prints, photos, or art at the conventions you attend, it might not be a bad idea to pick up an extra pack of Con*Quest’s page protectors. You never know when you might need ’em! These come in packs of 4.

Bottom Line

No matter how many people I showed this journal to, the reaction was the same. “What a great idea!” they all exclaimed. “I wonder why no one has ever thought of this before?” My thoughts exactly. After attending many a convention and always coming home with the same jumble of con memories that I want to preserve, but never quite get around to sorting through, I find that this is the perfect solution to not only preserving the memories, but also enhancing the convention experience as a whole. If you have ever attended a convention, or plan to in the future, I cannot recommend having a journal to chronicle everything highly enough. You can purchase your very own Con*Quest Adventure Journal at their online store, or you can enter to win one in our Win It! Giveaway!