Conan Gray and Toca Boca Join Forces to Empower Tweens Through Music and Gaming

Conan gray music artist

Remember those days when you’d lose yourself in a video game or get completely absorbed by your favorite artist’s music? Well, Toca Boca and global music sensation Conan Gray are merging these experiences to create something truly special for tweens. Their collaboration isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about self-expression and identity development.

A Unique Kids-First Collaboration

Sure, we’ve seen artists like Stormzy, Billie Eilish, and Zara Larsson dive into the gaming world with Watch Dogs, Fortnite, and Roblox. But Toca Boca’s partnership with Conan Gray stands out with its unique kids-first approach. Since its inception 14 years ago, Toca Boca has always prioritized the well-being of children, ensuring that all content genuinely benefits and empowers them.

This collaboration goes beyond the usual cross-platform activities. Toca Boca equips fans with tools, inspiration, and the freedom to craft their own Conan Gray experiences. Players can access iconic outfits, accessories, and hairstyles co-created with Gray, reflecting his diverse style and personality. This allows players to mix and match elements to create characters and stories that resonate with their moods, creativity, and identity.

“It’s so special to be the first artist in Toca Boca World. The little Conan characters, which embody different versions of myself as a person and artist, are so cute to watch perform on the stage and interact with the world,” says Conan Gray. “I had so much fun making the outfits, hairstyles, and accessories — I hope everybody enjoys their miniature Conan!”

Highlighting Tween Self-Expression

Growing up is all about experimenting with different styles and exploring various versions of oneself. Toca Boca and Conan Gray are keenly aware of this.

“Growing up and being a tween, you’re always kind of changing, experimenting with different moods and styles as a form of self-expression,” says Alexandra Svärdh, senior brand manager at Toca Boca. “With this activation, we want to highlight both dimensions of Conan Gray’s style – the loud and expressive outfits often worn on stage and in music videos that feel very confident and unique, as well as the dimension of his style that is rooted in the everyday, for days when you just want to blend in.”

This collaboration isn’t just about fashion and aesthetics. Players also gain access to a new in-game music player filled with some of Conan Gray’s greatest hits, including ‘Heather,’ ‘Never Ending Song,’ ‘People Watching,’ and ‘Lonely Dancers.’ Conan Gray will also take over the in-game Voxella stage festival, allowing players to set up their own concerts and performances.

“Conan inspires tweens around the world with his honest music, expressive style, and relatable personality. Combining this with the tools we provide for creation and storytelling will increase our impact and empower kids to explore, express, and embrace their uniqueness even more,” says Emil Ovemar, co-founder and head of studio at Toca Boca.

Get Ready for the Launch

The time-limited collaboration kicks off on June 14th with an in-game gift event where players can claim a free gift every day leading up to the official launch on June 18th. The event wraps up on August 13th, so there’s plenty of time to dive in and explore all the new content.

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