Chocolate Art for HIM this Valentine’s Day

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Archimedes Chocolates is an artistic endeavor involving as much organic dark chocolate as it does geometry.

In need of a healthy distraction following a major life event, the founder’s appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of nature led him to study the mathematical principles that serve as the basis of all physical forms in nature. “Pi and square roots. The golden ratio. Irrational numbers and repeating fractals. These all formed the basis of my chocolate brand,” said Jeff Beaudoin, owner of Archimedes Chocolates. “Here at Archimedes Chocolates, we’re literally blending organic dark chocolate with art and science.”

The Geometry Behind the Chocolate

Beaudoin began by learning how to work with a compass. “Basic stuff: circles and squares and triangles and polygons. Then the flower of life and Metatron’s cube,” Beaudoin said. “Eventually, I graduated to drawing three-dimensional Archimedean solids like octahedrons and dodecahedrons. Soon I was able to recreate any polyhedron from memory on a computer. Regular and isogonal, noble and uniform, dual and stellated. I then invented a mathematical method of making three-dimensional surface patterns.”

Highest Quality Ingredients

Made from organic, fair trade, lead-free dark chocolate imported from the northern lakes region of Italy, Archimedes Chocolates are known for their beauty and distinctly sweet and creamy flavor profiles.“I went all the way to Italy to source the healthiest chocolate.” Jeff continues, “We are a product or our environment; what we surround ourselves with functions as a feedback loop in the mind and body. Appreciate beauty where it is and make beauty where it isn’t… art should never be a means to an end.”

Why is Archimedes Chocolates for Him? Though the bars are quite substantial, and the strong painting of Archimedes on the box is arguably masculine, “80% of our customers are women” says Beaudoin, “and I am constantly hearing the purchase was a gift idea. My intention was to create a specialty, luxury chocolate bar – for art and chocolate lovers alike.”

A natural gift idea for the man in her life? It is indeed. A good headline for your next article? We think so.

About Archimedes Chocolates

Archimedes Chocolates blends geometry with organic dark chocolate to create a beautiful tasting experience. Inspired by mathematical principles found in nature, founder Jeff Beaudoin sculpts each bar into a unique work of art.

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