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Will NASA Launch the Cheapest Streaming Service?

Around here, being the Geeks that we are, we LOVE space. While I’m not a fan of those “artist renditions,” anytime there are new actual photos of far away stars and galaxies released, I peruse them in awe.

I also watch a LOT of movies and shows. In fact, I’ve been called a “movie hoe” before. Though I’m not exactly sure what that means.

BUT, there’s a virtual TON of streaming services these days (I know because I think I have subscriptions to almost all of them) and now NASA appears to be getting on the bandwagon. While it remains to be seen whether I add it to my arsenal or not, I find it kind of intriguing that they’re throwing their hat in the ring.

Given the skyrocketing subscription costs associated with popular platforms, a cheaper alternative would be a welcome change. But will NASA deliver on this expectation? We’re still in the dark about the specifics, but it’s an interesting development to keep tabs on.

Dubbed NASA+, NASA aims to make this streaming service a unique platform that combines education with entertainment. It’s not just about being the cheapest streaming service or streaming live views of space; the service is expected to offer a rich cache of documentaries, interviews with astronauts, and high-definition footage from Mars rovers and other space missions.

NASA’s ambitious venture could potentially be a game changer in the streaming service landscape, by offering a niche genre at potentially lower prices. The specifics on the subscription cost are yet to be revealed, but if NASA can manage to undercut other streaming services, it’ll undoubtedly pique the interest of a wide demographic that finds the mysteries of the Universe captivating.

There’s something inherently thrilling about the prospect of NASA offering us a glimpse into the majestic expanses of space from the comfort of our living rooms. Who needs sci-fi movies when the reality of space exploration could be just a click away? So, while we may still be questioning whether we have room for another subscription, the allure of space might just prove to be irresistible.

Cheapest streaming service

What IS the Cheapest Streaming Service?

I ditched cable TV a couple of years ago because it was simply too damn expensive. We moved to Hulu with Live TV and didn’t look back… until everyone else started popping up with streaming services.

Now, let’s see, I have Netflix of course. Disney+ for Marvel and Star Wars content. Max for DC stuff and several other shows/movies. Paramount+ for Star Trek. Apple TV for, umm… not really sure but I know we watch it. Peacock. And I think that’s it. 

I hope so anyway, otherwise I may be paying for something I don’t even use.

But which one is the cheapest streaming service? I personally don’t even know how much my subs are so this will likely be a little eye-opening for me.

Let’s see how they rank based on subscription price:

  1. Sling TV: cheapest base package is $25/mo
  2. Philo: $20/mo
  3. Hulu: $5.99 – 64.99/mo (depending on plan) 
  4. YouTube TV: $64.99/mo
  5. FuboTV: $54.99 – 79.99/mo
  6. AT&T TV: $59.99 – 129.99/mo
  7. Max: $14.99/mo
  8. CBS All Access: $9.99 – 14.99/mo
  9. Disney+: $6.99/mo 
  10. Apple TV+: $4.99/mo

Hell, I didn’t even know about FuboTV or AT&T but as you can see, Apple TV+ and Disney+ are the cheapest streaming services. However, it’s important to note that these two services offer a limited selection of movies and shows compared to some of the pricier competitors.

Looking for the cheapest streaming service isn’t the only factor to consider though. You also want to make sure your service has enough content that suits your viewing interests. As you can see, some of these services offer more shows/movies than others so do a little investigating before selecting one. Also, read reviews if available and be aware of any hidden fees or contracts involved in subscribing.

We’ll have to wait and see where NASA+ falls on the list, but I’m hoping they focus more on affordability than quantity. Only time will tell!

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