CD Projekt Red Will Seek To Grow Further

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Poland’s CD Projekt Red will seek to re-organize and add more acquisitions. According to Reuters, the company is seeking to look for potential merger opportunities to fortify itself as a leading game developer for the long-term. Its aim is to become one of the top five game publishing companies in the gaming world.

The firm is known for its recent release of Cyberpunk 2077, a long-awaited game that had its fair share of technical issues. In addition to looking at how it approaches its corporate structure, the game developer will also seek to make internal changes in its production process. The gaming firm will want to ensure value for its audience by creating games in parallel and releasing them more efficiently.

CD Projekt Red seeks to change its development process and site to create more compelling games in the coming year. Sure, this significant transformation will not be easy, but it will be necessary as large holding firms like Tencent and its investments and subsidiaries seek to keep a large portion of the global market share.

The firm aims to rebound from the recent Cyberpunk debacle by fixing its errors and providing free DLC or downloadable content for its game. At the same time, the firm did note that it expects to acquire Digital Scapes, a Canadian development firm.


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