Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, car polishing and other manipulations to refresh the look of your iron friend , how to

Car Polishing And Other Manipulations To Refresh The Look Of Your Iron Friend 

For most car owners, a car is not just a vehicle, but also a true friend or even a family member. Buying a new car for a while you admire its impeccably smooth surface and shiny paint.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, car polishing and other manipulations to refresh the look of your iron friend , how to

However, the body does not forever remain as shiny and bright as the owner remembers it on the day of purchase. Over time, the body of the car becomes covered with scratches, scuffs form on it, and the original colour becomes a vague memory. That is why an iron friend needs not only timely car body repair, but also surface care. One of the ways to reanimate the paintwork is car polish. Modern car workshops offer high quality services in this area along with car scanning and diagnostics, as well as car repairing service. 

Car Polishing 

Why You Need To Polish A Car: 

  • body polishing is needed to prevent corrosion. The protective layer prevents the appearance of microcracks and internal destruction of the paint
  • polishing gives the coating smoothness and restores the original shine
  • polishing eliminates visible surface irregularities (scratches, abrasions). Cleaning the surface is another of the tasks of the described procedure 

If the car is being prepared for sale, polishing will help bring the product to a presentable appearance and subsequently bail out a large amount from the transaction. Buyers are more willing to sign a contract when they are sure that the car has received proper care.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, car polishing and other manipulations to refresh the look of your iron friend , how to

Timely processing will also provide savings on repairs. In the absence of body protection, corrosion quickly reaches the level of the primer, and this problem cannot be dealt with without replacing the paint layer. Painting a small part of the car will cost much more than a single polishing procedure. 

What Does Car Body Polishing Give: What Scratches Does It Remove

Not all scratches can be polished. The procedure is only suitable for defects that are within the thickness of the varnish. If the scratch is deep, you will have to clean off the varnish itself.

Without damage to the varnish layer, you can remove scratches that do not cling to your nails. Ideally, to remove defects, it is enough to remove a layer of 4 microns.

To combat deeper scratches, lacquer fusing technology is used. During the procedure, the surface of the varnish is heated, which makes it easy to clean the protruding edges of the scratch. The thickness of the lacquer layer is preserved, scratches remain visible only at a certain angle.

If the scratch has reached the paint or metal surface, polishing is useless. Painting will help solve the problem.

Updating The Interior With Covers

This method is the most economical in terms of updating the seats and the interior of the car as a whole. Covers will not only create a comfortable environment in the cabin, but will also be a good protection against pollution. You can buy ready-made covers, but only those covers that are made to order will emphasise the shape of the chair and look like factory upholstery. 

Tire Upgrade

Very seriously in a bad or good way affects the appearance of the car and the condition of the tires. When they become grey, cracked and flabby, the car itself begins to look low-key and cheap.

Tires should be maintained periodically throughout their lifespan. In addition to proper storage, they still need to be processed with special means. The easiest way would be to take advantage of the achievements of the automotive chemical industry. Now on the market there is a wide selection of rubber blackeners for every taste and budget. If you are not sure that you can handle it on your own, then it is better to contact the specialists in the car workshop. High-quality compositions give a long-lasting effect and prevent dryness and cracking of rubber. Such inks are more difficult to remove from the rubber, which allows it to retain its shine longer. 

Seat And Carpet Cleaning

In the interior of the car, the terrible condition of the seats greatly spoils the picture, which in a few years turns into a real accumulation of dirt.

A textile cleaner will help to overcome stubborn dirt. It cleans both seats and carpets, restoring fabrics to their original look. Be sure to vacuum the interior before applying.

The cleaning procedure can be obtained from the service center or you can do it yourself. For cleaning, it is enough to apply the cleaner on the car fabric, let it soak a little, then wipe it with a soft, damp cloth until the result is achieved. After the end of the procedure, it is necessary to leave the car with open windows until the interior is completely dry.

As a result you will receive clean seat upholstery, as after professional dry cleaning, but the cost of such a manual wash is several times lower. 


Car care is necessary, because by its appearance one can judge the accuracy of the driver himself. A clean car evokes positive emotions not only among others, but also among the car owner himself, and this is not only about beauty. If the driver regularly takes care of the paintwork, then the body repair of his car is not needed for a long time. And in a well-washed interior, musty odours will not be felt and plastic elements will not need to be changed for a long time! 

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