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Captain America 3 Still Untitled, but Starts Filming Next April

There is nothing on this planet that I have more feelings about than Captain America, and I go crazy for even a shred of Cap-scented news. That is a disappointing situation to be in when the next film doesn’t come out until 2016—but now fans of the Star Spangled Man can dance in their seats, as filming will start next April on Captain America 3.

Contracts: The Long and Short of it

Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, will return as directors for the third film as well. They were recently doing press for the blu-ray release of Winter Soldier, and divulged details as well as teasing some general information about CA3. Filming will begin in Atlanta, GA, just a month shy of the domestic release of Avengers: Age of Ultron (set to release May 2st, 2015). The strain this all puts on Chris Evans, who plays Steve Rogers/Captain America in particular is grueling as he will have to promote Age of Ultron simultaneously as CA3 begins filming. Evans only has two more movies on his current contract, which means that once CA3 wraps, we will not see more of him in the MCU. However, Marvel president Kevin Feige takes the universe one film at a time, and it is entirely possible that Evans’ contract will get renewed and more films will be added to his tenure. By contrast, Sebastian Stan, who plays Captain America’s best friend since childhood as well as The Winter Soldier in the second film, has a nine film contract—of which he has only filmed two.

Script work on the third installment of the Captain America series began back in February, though the directors were just given a first draft of the completed script last week. They saw “tons of changes” made since that first meeting, which is pretty typical this early in the process. While the stage work for the film will take place in Atlanta, Joe Russo hinted that there will be “other various locations” as well. Where those locations might be or what part they will play in the film are completely up to conjecture. Winter Soldier filmed primarily in Cleveland, but the script called for lots of on-site filming in D.C as well. The First Avenger hopped across the pond for scenery that closely matched 1940s Brooklyn, where Steve and Bucky grew up before their super-soldier futures.

Who The Heck is ANYONE Anymore?

When asked how much creative control they were truly given over the plot of this film, the Russos agreed that they were pleased with the freedom they were afforded. “Marvel is pretty wide open…when Kevin has a big idea in his head…it effects the whole universe. Sometimes we’re given too much freedom.” Of course, there is some connection to Marvel comics—and Steve Rogers as Captain America does come with an expiration date. The Winter Soldier has taken up the shield and the title in the comics for some time. This fall, Sam Wilson’s Falcon will do the same. Considering both characters were in The Winter Soldier, and both were relatively (read—massively) successful with cinematic audiences, it’s fair to guess that both characters have an equal chance of taking over once Rogers (and Evans) either gives up the role or dies. The idea that one of them will take over is only strengthened by the fact that Marvel boasted a shattered shield at their booth at San Diego Comic Con.

Two other actors that have been blended into talks of CA 3 are Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and Frank Grillo as Rumlow or Crossbones—a classic Captain America villain. Renner teased that his character may be in the CA 3 script while he was at San Diego Comic Con. Both Hawkeye and The Winter Soldier have romantic relationships with Black Widow in the Marvel comics universe. There was no romantic connection drawn between her and The Winter Soldier in the last film—although she did know more about his abilities, where he came from, and how he got so bad ass, than anyone else. While Black Widow goes rogue at the very end of the film, Rumlow is teased as back from the dead with a flash of him being dragged out of the S.H.I.E.L.D wreckage during Black Widow’s final monologue about the new world. So many doors were left open by the script of Winter Soldier that it’s impossible to know how almost any of the characters will factor into the next film—and who they’ll be working for when they do.

Captain America 3: The Philosophy of it all

While neither Russo was willing to reveal even a possible movie title, they did say that we should have the finalized title in the next few months. They also admitted that we will get a lot more of the Winter Soldier himself in this film, as his personality is wide open for exploration. One of the questions they are most excited to explore is whether the character “is the worst assassin we’ve ever seen”, or an overwhelmingly tragic P.O.W; and whether or not he can truly still be called Bucky Barnes if he never gets his memories back.

On the action sequences that were such a big hit in The Winter Soldier, the Russos argue that more is not always better. “Action is really important, we fetishize it and we grew up on it and we love action sequences, but the sequences that we love, that yea and I talk about the most, are the ones that have the strongest story impact.  So now it’s really just strapping on the thinking caps and thinking of new sequences that are really, really integral to moving the plot forward.”