Can You Close ALL the Open Apps on Your iPhone at Once? 

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Closing all the running apps at once isn’t an iPhone thing, but there’re ways to speed up the process.  

Close Opened Apps Simultaneously

You can use multiple fingers to close background apps simultaneously. Simply access the “App Switcher” through the steps below and swipe off the apps.

  1. Double-tap the “Home Button” on your iPad or iPhone. 
  2. Find the open apps by swiping side to side. 
  3. Swipe up the apps to close. 

Repeating these steps for every app is difficult and unnatural when done with one hand. It would be best if you used multiple fingers. 

If your iPhone lacks a “Home” button, 

  1. Swipe up the Home Screen from the bottom to launch the App Switcher. 
  2. Swipe sideways to see the open apps. 
  3. Swipe up the apps to close. 

You May Leave iPhone Apps Open

Don’t get used to close all the open apps every time you use your iPhone. Sure, you need to save your system resources and battery, but closing may be unnecessary. 

Apps indeed remain active after you switch, but this changes soon. They get into a suspended state after a short time, leaving them inactive and no longer taking up the system resources; hence no need to close manually. 

In fact, Apple recommends closing your iPhone apps only when they’re not responding. 

Open Apps Are Not Clutter

Many unopened apps in the background makes your iPhone feel cluttered. However, the App Switcher needs these dormant apps to help you quickly access recently opened apps and save your effort and time. So, don’t worry about unused apps lying dormant on your iPhone. 

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