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Busting Writer’s Block: Practical Steps to Reignite Your Muse

For most writers, burnout – or writer’s block as we know it – is something we all face now and again. Imagine this: you’ve got a growing collection of articles, stories, maybe the beginnings of a new masterpiece, or a bunch of poems clamoring for your attention. But instead, you’re thinking about hitting the road or even sending your laptop out of the window. Writing about the same things over and over again can start to feel a bit dry, like biting into a piece of cardboard – not that I’ve tried it. Fear not fellow writers, I’ve got a list of things that can help us break free from this creative slump and get us back to writing joyfully, if only until our next block comes. (But at least we’ll know what to do when it does return!)

Tip #1: Try doing a repetitive activity…

Such as folding laundry, washing dishes, or going through your emails (which for me is a daily occurrence). Why? A study by the University of Oregon revealed that engaging in these and similar repeating actions relaxes the mind, allowing it to wander. I 100% agree with this! Some of my best ideas came to me either tracking down lost socks or scrubbing last night’s lasagna pan.

Tip #2: Feed your muse with some “me” time…

Put down that pen and notebook or step away from your computer and slip directly into a hot bubble bath, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic and a book by Nora Roberts. The science behind this? Dopamine! Numerous studies have shown that relaxing in a warm bath or shower releases these “feel-good” endorphins, another way of relaxing your mind and body.

Tip #3: Get your heart pumping!

Aerobic exercise like a 20-minute jog or stroll has long been shown in research and scientific studies to increase new cell growth in the hippocampus – the part of the brain responsible for the generation of new cells that help in memory creation, ideas, and imagination cells. A brisk walk around my neighborhood is usually just the thing I need to get my muse working again. That is if my wine and bubble bath didn’t do the trick…

Tip #4: Pop in your earbuds and listen to some Breaking Benjamin

Or whatever type of music you prefer, as long as it’s got a good beat and rhythm, any music has been proven to “calm neural activity in the brain” which leads to a boost in the immune system and reduction of anxiety. Whatever it is that works, it certainly does for me; I can be having the worst case of writer’s block ever but when I hear a song by Five Finger Death Punch, my fingers can’t type fast enough.

Tip #5: Make a run to Starbucks and drink in all the creative vibes from people working on their own projects…

While this may seem like a great excuse to grab a mocha latte at Starbucks, studies have proven that this tip does work. Why? Scientific research and studies have shown that just merely being around other creative people who are actively working on something creative can stimulate you to want to mimic them. So go ahead, make that trip to Starbucks or Panera, indulge in a slice of lemon pound cake, and let the vibes around you do their magic.

Tip #6: Engage your stubborn muse with a crossword puzzle or Sudoku mental tango…

Taking a break with a mild learning activity like crossword puzzles or Sudoku offers your writing neurons a brief respite while keeping the gray matter gynasium active – plus it might just give that stubborn little muse a break and make her want to unleash all that pent up creativity again! The science-y part: A study published in NEJM Evidence supports the theory that doing these types of games can actually improve memory and reduce brain shrinkage caused by aging.

Remember, not only do top writing experts swear by these quirky pick-me-ups, but there are scientific studies that back them up! Now, take a deep breath, log off, and go indulge in a digital detox or a therapeutic yarn-knitting session. The world of words isn’t going anywhere.

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