You’ll Be Up All Night Reading March’s Bookcase Club Teenage Dream Box

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Spring is here, and you know what that means—spring reading! If you want to pick up some new books for your shelves and don’t know where to start, BookCase.Club subscription box is the way to go. How these boxes work is you choose what genre of books you want to receive in the mail—such as young adult books, suspense, horror, etc.—and subscribe. After that, you will receive two hand-picked novels in that genre each month. There are also subscription boxes for kids, so you can check that out too.

Every month, I have the opportunity to review the BookCase.Club Teenage Dream case, which features two young adult books each month. This month, I received two fantasy young adult novels that look gripping and exciting. The books I received this month were Blythewood and Dangerous Creatures.

‘Blythewood’ by Carol Goodman

Blythewood, bookcase club marchAvaline Hall is no stranger to tragedy. After the seventeen-year-old escapes a factory fire, she ends up at an all-girls academy that her mother attended when she was young. At the New York academy, Avaline seeks to learn the details surrounding her mother’s death and what caused it.

At Blythewood, students are going missing and Avaline, or Ava for short, is discovering secret after secret. She has powers that she can’t explain, and a handsome stranger that pulled her from the fire has secrets of his own. Who is he, and why was he there? As Ava learns about her mother and this young man, she also learns more about herself.

This book brings suspense and magic together for a rollercoaster ride of thrills, romance, and magic.


‘Dangerous Creatures’ by Kami Garcia and Margaret Sohl

Bookcase club marchRomance meets danger in the young adult novel from the Beautiful Creatures world. Ridley Duchannes is what is called a Dark Caster. She’s a siren. She has the power to make anyone do anything, and then she does something really dangerous: she falls in love with a human.

Her boyfriend, Link, knows she is the last woman he should fall in love with, but he just can’t help it. As he follows her and his dream of being a rock star, his dark secrets come to light.

This novel is filled with mystery, magic, and romance—it is sure to keep you turning pages well into the night.

This Month’s Picks Were Phenomenal!

I love books containing magical elements, and throwing suspense and romance into the mix just makes things even more exciting. I don’t know which book I want to read first, but I’m sure that both will be fantastic adventures.

Make sure to use coupon code, GEEK2016, to save 15% off of any BookCase.Club subscription! Thanks again to BookCase.Club for giving us the opportunity to review the “Teenage Dream” case each month. I look forward to what mysteries April’s box holds! 

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