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Bill Gates Says iPad Users Are Frustrated

Well, Microsoft’s Founding father and Chairman, Bill Gates says that users of iPad and other similar tablets are simply “Frustrated”. Bill Gates is the former CEO of Microsoft and explained the strategy that his company is using for its tablet line-up in an interview with CNBC.

After stating that in the near future, it will be pretty hard to differentiate between PCs and tablets, Gates backed the company’s line of tablets, saying that the Surface line of tablets allows the form-factor and portability of a tablet while offering the features of a PC.

This shows the reason behind the development of Microsoft’s Windows RT platform. Looks like Microsoft is trying to bring the features and looks of Windows 8 to the tablet arena with the help of Windows RT. As we know, Windows RT offers features that are still not available on any other tablet platform, which includes support for USB ports and some other software features that are yet to make their way onto Android and iOS.

Bill Gates on iPad

A lot of those [iPad] users are frustrated, they can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have Office.

Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets include keyboards as covers for the device. There are two keyboard covers for Surface, Touch cover and Type cover. The touch cover sports touch-sensitive keys on a flat surface, while the type key on the other hand offers traditional keys as you would find on any Ultrabook in the market. Both covers offer a great ease for users who want to type on the go.

Surface RT also comes installed with Microsoft’s famous Office 2013 application. This is the version that has been positioned directly to compete with other tablets such as iPad, Asus Transformer, etc. Although, latest sales figures show that Microsoft managed to ship nearly 900,000 units of Surface tablets in the first quarter of 2013, while Apple sold 19.5 million units of iPad; and Android manufacturers sold 27.8 million Android tablets in the first quarter of 2013. This comparison shows that Microsoft has a long way to go before it gets a decent share of the tablet market.

Even though Bill Gates thinks other tablet users are frustrated with their current tabs, these sales figures just don’t go with his statement.

What do you think? Do you own an Android tab or iPad? Are you frustrated? What about Surface owners? Are they frustrated?