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The Best Titanfall Deals on the PC (Origin Key)

In less than 20 minutes, Titanfall will release for the PC on the Origin platform (at least, for those of us in North America). Will servers be swamped and bugs abound as with most major AAA release? Time will tell! For those of you that are sitting on the sideline debating on jumping on the hype bandwagon, here are some of the current best deals on Titanfall for the PC, just a few hours away from the official release date:

Best Titanfall Deals:

Update: NA deal is dead! Bummer.

For those abroad (UK/EU) these are the best prices on Titanfall pre-order at GMG:

  • Titanfall in the UK for £36 after coupon (list £44.99)
  • Titanfall in the EU for €48 after coupon (list €59.99)
  • Use coupon: H799RH-7L8NPP-RCKKT8

No luck for those in Australia. Sorry 🙁 — but if you’re adventurous you can potentially just use a VPN, load up Origin in Mexico and buy the game at a much cheaper price range. Be warn however that your Origin will be at risk of getting banned if you go this route. (The deals above from Gamefly and GMG are authorized sellers so no worries there).