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Best Quizzes for Tech Enthusiasts

There are many ways to test your geek knowledge, but nothing beats a good old quiz. Pub quizzes seem to have existed since the beginning of time itself and when the internet became more widespread, everyone was testing their knowledge or personalities on quiz websites. Now, it is time to put your geekiness to the ultimate test with the most interesting and unusual quizzes the internet has to offer.

What is your technological age?

To start with, we have a quiz that isn’t concerned with putting your brain cells under the utmost pressure. Instead, this one demands only truthful answers. ExpressVPNs quiz puts you on the spot about your tech use and based on what you answer, it will tell you what your technological age is. The questions gravitate around social media usage, the amount of tech you own, and how much time you spend on the internet.

Interestingly enough, the questions are based on statistics about internet usage amongst various age groups, so the results should be pretty much spot on. There is quite a gap between what Gen Z, for example, considers basic internet knowledge and what older generations are aware of. With this one, you can actually find out what your place is amongst the rest of the people. 

The Internet of Think Quiz

Now, this is a more unusual type of quiz, since it is an online competition between information technology specialists. Anyone can sign up and participate in the quiz show and, at the end, there are even cash prizes. It is a great way to test out your knowledge against other people’s and who knows? There might even be a bigger reward at the end…

The format implies three rounds. The first one focuses on general tech information, the second is based on images and IT questions, and the last one is a rapid-fire question round. All of it is recorded and can be watched on YouTube afterward.

GeeksforGeeks Quizzes

Although it is not technically a single quiz, more an amalgamation of hundreds of quizzes, this platform is the definition of heaven for programmers. It is a portal for all things computer science-related, from Java and Python to algorithms and UNIX. It offers courses for students and working professionals that want to upgrade their skills, as well as tutorials and job posts.

Their quiz section is filled with trivia on a wide range of topics so that geeks can test out their tech-savvy knowledge. Before you check them out though, be careful because these are not for the faint-hearted. The list of quizzes gets updated regularly to include the newest programming techniques.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, best quizzes for tech enthusiasts, gaming

What D&D character are you?

While there are many web results for this type of quiz, the most thorough one is only for real D&D nerds and it comes with 140 questions. Based on your real-life traits, the test will determine your D&D class, race, level, alignment, and ability scores.

It is a long survey, but it can produce highly accurate results since there are over 1.5 trillion combinations. Given its length, it is probably not for everyone, but for those who want to impress their friends on their next D&D game night, it is worth bringing it up.

In case you were running out of ideas on what to do next time you gather around with your friends, these four quizzes should keep you all busy for a bit. They are a great source of entertainment, while also putting your knowledge to the test.

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