Best New OTT Apps by Entertainment and Media companies

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OTT platforms or “over the top” platforms deliver streaming content to consumers in place of over the air or satellite television. OTT apps or over the top apps deliver video content to you through these platforms. They allow you to watch TV shows, movies and other types of content on your smart phone, tablet or smart television. If you are a content creator, what OTT apps should you be working with? Here are the best new OTT apps by entertainment and media companies? 

Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime is a program with Amazon that rewards those that sign up for an annual subscription. It gives you faster delivery of your orders. And you get free and discounted access to a ton of content, whether you log into or use the Amazon Prime Video app. While Amazon has a lot of their own content, they also allow content creators to upload their own videos to the site. The videos can be watched on FireTV as well as any device with the Amazon app. The Amazon Fire gets points for being available in more than a hundred countries. In contrast, Roku is available in around twenty countries. If you’re researching the best streaming devices to launch your OTT app on, recognize the value of using a platform and app that can run on any device.

As a content creator, the sheer size of Amazon’s audience makes it worth considering. You can take advantage of a number of revenue options, such as making the video available for purchase or short-term rental. You can also receive modest income from their viewing of what seems like free content to them. This is in contrast to Netflix and Hulu that make all content available for free to subscribers. You can also upload content to Amazon and make it available to non-Prime members. 

YouTube OTT 

YouTube is so large that it is considered one of the big 5 streaming services. YouTube is unusual for a number of reasons. It has massive reach. Studies suggest that sixty percent of YouTube users have watched a video in the past week, and a large percentage of the population has viewed at least one YouTube video. It is prioritized in Google search results. And YouTube has begun to offer live TV via OTT as well as a ton of user generated content. 

There are other points in favor of YouTube. It is ideal for short videos. While it is getting harder to monetize videos via ads that the web server inserts at the start and in the middle of the video stream, you can still include your own mentions of your sponsor. And YouTube allows you to make videos available for purchase similar to how you can pay for a single episode or a season of a TV show on Amazon. 

Vimeo Livestream 

Vimeo Livestream is a streaming platform intended for live streaming, as the name implies. This platform is ideal for company announcements, virtual conferences, panels, community engagement, webinars, performances, and events. This makes Vimeo ideal for theaters, professional speakers, and academic conferences. 

Benefits of using Vimeo Livestream include seamless connectivity with Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube. The platform can save your livestreams in HD, so that your app users can view them at a later date. And you can share your content without ads. All they need to access it is the Vimeo app. It runs on both Android and iOS. Plus, you don’t have to create your own app and try to market it to your audience. 

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