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Beloved Actress Dead at 82

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of beloved Hollywood actress Raquel Welch, who has died at the age of 82.

Welch was born Jo Raquel Tejada on September 5, 1940 in Chicago, Illinois. She began her career as a dancer and model before becoming an internationally renowned movie star through roles in films such as One Million Years B.C., The Three Musketeers, Myra Breckinridge and Bandolero!

Welch’s acting credits also include memorable performances in Bedazzled, Bluebeard, Fathom, and The Prince and the Pauper. She hosted her own variety show during the 1970s, and was also a guest star on countless comedy series such as Fantasy Island, Laverne & Shirley and The Muppet Show.

Raquel Welch is widely regarded as one of the most iconic stars of the 1970s, having starred in a variety of films and TV shows throughout her career.

Her breakthrough role came in 1966’s One Million Years B.C., for which she received global acclaim for her portrayal of cavewoman Loana. Following this success, she continued to appear in a variety of projects throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including Mothers-In-Law, The Wild Party and Foul Play.

Welch’s most recent performances included supporting roles in films such as The Art of Getting By (2011) and Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017).

In addition to her acting credits, Welch was also an author, writing three books: Raquel! The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program (1984), Beyond the Cleavage (1999) and The Fabulous Raquel (2001). She was also a spokesperson for products such as Foster Grant sunglasses, Clairol and Passionette perfumes.

She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the 1976 film Mother, Jugs & Speed and won two Emmy Awards in 1979 and 1981. She also received an Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001.

Welch was known for her beauty, distinctive voice and independent spirit. She appeared on magazine covers such as Vogue and Life and recorded a hit song called “This Girl’s Back In Town.”

Friends and colleagues took to social media to express their sadness over Welchs’ death. Actress Sharon Stone wrote, “Raquel Welch was a Golden Age goddess. Her beauty and grace lit up the silver screen.”

Welch is survived by her four children: Damon, Tahnee, Tomasina, and Latanne. She will be remembered for her talent, wit, grace and style as well as her contribution to Hollywood. Her memory will continue to live on. Rest in peace, Raquel Welch.

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