Delorean back to the future ii

Back to the Future II DeLorean Model – Review

Entertainment Earth’s Back To The Future II Delorean Vehicle

Entertainment Earth’s Back To The Future II Delorean Vehicle is a 1:15th scale model of Doc’s beloved time-traveling car. Enterntainment Earth describes the model like this:

 The toy you always wanted is finally here. Based on the 1989 Back to the Future II movie, this is the best toy DeLorean money can buy. Not only does it feature classic DMC engineering (like the gull-wing doors) and Doc Brown’s own special modifications, but our version of the DeLorean automobile also has the 2015 hover conversion kit. That’s right, our exclusive vehicle has wheels that pop out for “flight mode”! The wheels spin, the doors open, and its plastic construction feels just like the toy you always wished you had. Don’t miss your chance at owning one of America’s finest motorcars … with a special futuristic, time-traveling twist! It’s a limited edition. 13-inch long vehicle that’s compatible with many 3 3/4-inch scale action figures* (not included).

Sound effects include:
First time travel
Car trouble
Revving up and winding down
Opening door
Rev up and peel out
Engine start-up
Return from time travel
Return from time travel to a screeching halt
Time circuit engaged
Hover landing

I was particularly interested in the bit about the 3 3/4-inch action figures driving the Delorean. We have, um, some toys in this household.

Delorean model car

But I’ll get to that in a minute. First, the DeLorean!

This is really a collector’s treat, right down to the packaging. Dedicated fans and collectors like to keep their replicas in the original packaging, and even this box would look good on your display shelf. The box art uses fonts and colors that remind viewers of the movie, and a clear plastic top allows viewers to see the car itself.

Inside, the packaging has awesome road art, even though where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

Delorean model car review

So, you could keep it in the lovely display box, but why would you want to miss out on playing with the model? I opened it up and was very happy to see that, yes, the poseable 3 3/4-inch action figures could drive around in the DeLorean. Even better, you don’t have to make the vroom, vroom noises yourself! The DeLorean model has a button for lights and sound effects.

Sure, a dedicated collector might balk at driving the Delorean model around the living room floor, since any time you open or play with a collectible, the value is lowered. A truly dedicated collector would probably have all their 3 3/4-inch action figures in packages as well.

And then they would never know that when he’s not driving the Batmobile, Batman rides shotgun in the DeLorean!

Some super friends are helping to wash and detail the DeLorean, to make sure it keeps its full value.

Delorean model car

The doors really come out and up, just like a real DeLorean, which is also good for putting an action figure driver in the seat!


Wish Bear seems to really like the car! (Wear your seatbelt, Wish Bear! You’re going to go 88 MPH!)

Overall, if you love geeky toys and replicas, this is a high quality addition to your collection. The detail work is great, it really holds up to close inspection, and the lights and sounds are good fun for Back to the Future fans. Best part, the scale is just right for your action figures to take it for a spin around the floor!