Curse of naxxramas: free to play for very patient players

Curse of Naxxramas: Free to Play for Very Patient Players

Blizzard has revealed their new pricing strategy for the Curse of Naxxramas expansion to the popular Hearthstone card game, and it looks like it could set the bar for many other pricing models to come. Venturing Back to Naxx The expansion proposes to simulate World of Warcraft’s recurring raid dungeon Naxxramas by offering players the…

Iesf says hearthstone is boys only

IeSF Says Hearthstone Is Boys Only

In another startling proof that sexism in the gaming community isn’t going to go away if we simply ignore it, PC Gamer reported today that, while other tournaments are not gender segregated, the Finnish Hearthstone tournament to be held at Assembly Summer 2014, in an effort to avoid disqualifying winners in IeSF tournaments, is slated…

Assassin’s creed unity lacks representation, excuses

Assassin’s Creed Unity Lacks Representation, Excuses

Representation in gaming matters. This is a fact that a large part of the community has trouble with. They ask, “Why does every game have to have some sort of diversity? Isn’t that creative censorship?” or “Does this really matter?” It seems to a large part of the gaming community, representation is something that’s far…