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Apps for Women – Under Armour Women: ‘I Will What I Want’ Review

Under Armour, a brand typically associated with men’s athletics and wicking technology, is diversifying to reach more women. Part of the new expansion includes the new Under Armour Women–I Will What I Want fitness app.

Another Fitness App?: Under Armour Women

Under Armour (UA) launched its I Will What I Want campaign at the beginning of the August—perhaps to compete with Nike and Lulelemon, but it appears to be much more about empowering women. The app, and campaign, are home to the likes of ballerina Misty Copeland and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. Although the new fitness app is similar in form and fashion to MyFitnessPal (MFP), LoseIt!, and many others you’ve seen, it differs greatly on one point: Audience.

Unlike the fitness communities of MFP and LoseIt!, UA Women touts itself as “the ultimate social fitness community for women.”

No muscular bros flaunting their sick lats. Just us girls. They may flaunt their sick lats, crazy yoga poses, and weekend fitness-related adventures, but it doesn’t feel competitive or showy. Just good-natured motivation and encouragement. Under Armour Women is  embracing the diversity amongst women and the varying paths to fitness.

How Under Armour Women Works

Once you’ve signed up with Facebook, MapMyFitness or email, Under Armour Women asks you to build the usual profile including birth date, height, weight, location and, of course the crux of any social platform, a photo.

Under armour women tracker

Unlike other fitness platforms, Under Armour Women isn’t a data log. Instead it pulls the data you input from a linked account to create a progress wheel that allows you to keep track of your fitness day and night. It can track workouts, sleep, steps, and weight. It’s compatible with multiple devices (below), so finding yours should be easy. If you don’t have any accounts or devices, signing up for Under Armour Women will automatically create a MapMyFitness account for you. MapMyFitness allows you to log food and exercise like other apps, but you can also create routes using GPS if you’re a running, biking, or hiking type.

Under armour women compatible devices

What’s really appealing about Under Armour Women is the community you can interact with on mobile, as well as desktop. The feel is much more like that of social media, complete with a  feed of recent shares appearing below your daily stats. Users aren’t just sharing statuses about workouts, it’s been very photo heavy with everything from gym time to new gear to scenery from a hike. Everyone’s posts are positive, bright, and encouraging!

Under armour women feed

Users can add/invite friends to build the community they’ve always dreamed of, post status updates, share progress photos, and interact with the Under Armour line and elite athletes. All while tracking and participating in their own fitness!

Under armour women community
Share with under armour women

I Will What I Want—or Won’t

Fitness is never easy and Under Armour Women is a great idea, but it’s not the crème de la crème. At least not yet.

It’s not the most user-friendly: Links aren’t clickable in app, and neither are user profiles. Updating or changing profile information was near impossible without accessing the desktop version.

The community is small: Really, really small for a social platform. Last time I looked in the Google Play store, the app only had 20 downloads. Considering it’s still new, aside from the UA Athletes, searching for or browsing users with similar fitness goals or routines isn’t an option.

Overall, it’s not bad!: The layout is clean and easy to navigate. There’s no lag between connected accounts/devices, the desktop site and the app. Once information is entered, it’s immediately available within Under Armour Women.

It did just hit the market and all of these kinks are likely to be fixed with future updates. At least I hope so, because it’s certainly the most diverse and eye-catching fitness app I’ve tried to date. Until then, Under Armour has ensured full and easy access through the website which is just as lovely to look at and navigate.