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Apollo Neuro Review: A New Tool for Relaxation

Some days it feels like the whole world is stressed. In addition to common, unavoidable life stresses — i.e. work, kids, and trying to keep it all together — Americans have been reporting extreme stress from issues that are cultural, political, and social over the past several years. For the many of us who are on the hunt for healthy, non-invasive tools to help manage stress, sleep, and emotional balance, there’s impressive new technology worth checking out. 

For example, the Apollo wearable has been turning heads and generating rave reviews from users for some time now. It works as a bracelet, anklet, and clothing clip-on, and it works by sending soothing vibrations into your body to help you relax, sleep, focus, and regulate easier. The wearable works in conjunction with a smartphone app, which you can use to set various goal-based Apollo Vibes — i.e. Focus, Relax, and Sleep — to the times of days where you want to activate them. You can set these Vibes for customizable time periods and intensity levels. 

In comparison to the many substances and products people use to sleep, relax, and focus easier, this one stands out for its non-invasive design. Programming your Apollo can help you avoid having so many caffeine crashes, sleeping pill-induced foggy brain, and so on. And unlike other wearables, the Apollo is taking steps to actively improve your health, rather than simply track metrics on it. 

There have been seven completed clinical trials on the Apollo Neuro wearable, and the results are fascinating. Users who have worn it consistently for three-plus hours a day, five-plus days a week have shown an average 19% increase in deep sleep, 14% increase in REM sleep, and an 11% average increase in heart rate variability (HRV). In one open-label evaluation to improve employee wellness and quality of care for a nursing home staff showed that the nursing home staff felt 40% less stress and anxiety on average. 

The user reviews are also remarkable. With an average 4.7/5-star rating from over 1,700 reviews, Apollo is also recommended by 97% of reviewers. One recent five-star review from Karen C. reads, “It’s been excellent. My stress in my shoulders melts away!! So glad I purchased it! 

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