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Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is Chewing Competition

The Android OS update seems to be candy to consumers for a number of reasons. The public continues to rave on the simplicity of the design but the notable improvements are just as impressive.

It seems Android has taken heed to the customer desires that have been voiced ever since the inception of the Galaxy and Note family. With the new update the user friendliness is above the roof. See for yourself if you haven’t already.

Tablet Creates a Home

Android based tablets continue to improve on their “home” feel by adding an option of digital rooms. Multiple users are now possible with their own customizable options which include one’s own homescreen, apps, and arrangement. The new tablet landscape dives deep in specificity to the point where it holds multiple users’ individual gaming scores. The changing of user profiles is not a challenge either, there is no need to logout.


Share the Love

The operating system update allows remote capability. 4.2 Jellybean OS holding devices enable wireless display. You can share whatever you can view on your own screen. From Google Play movies to your YouTube favorites, your view can be transmitted to your living room HDTV. The process is as easy as connecting an adapter to an HDTV through HDMI connection.


Usable Notifications.

Finally, the day has come where users can operate their phones directly from their notification menu. Android smartphones, just as before, have a very lovable drop down navigation tab for your notifications. The difference is this update allows action from this menu. This means you can snooze alarms, open your text app, or return a missed calls; minimizing the time it would usually take to perform all of these tasks.

Google Search

Surf the web and find direct answers with Google’s updated search. Don’t forget voice input as well which connects directly to the web. From my experience their voice search is the best yet, there aren’t too many misinterpreted words. The new search is powered by Knowledge Graph and speaks back with precise answers if it can find one. It also allows several options if you aren’t pleased with the initial result.