Ios7 killer apps

An iOS 7 Primer: Killer Apps

Not buying into the buzz surrounding iOS 7 yet? Here are a few features bound to get you excited about Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

Ios7 killer apps

Though new killer features have been somewhat lacking in recent builds of Apple’s mobile platform, iOS 7 is already proving to be much more than just a pretty new paint job.

Though it should be noted that the tech giant is still playing catch-up to Google’s increasingly popular Android platform in some ways, Apple makes a far stronger showing in the form of iOS 7 in claiming their reputation for technological innovation.

Those who feared that Apple’s glory days of mobile domination had ended with the passing of Steve Jobs may take some solace in the new apps and features highlighted in this primer for iOS 7.

iOS 7 Compatible Devices

  • iPhone 5/iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 4S*
  • iPhone 4*
  • iPad (3rd and 4th generation)*
  • iPad 2*
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch (5th generation)

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Devices indicated with an asterisk (*) will not support certain features, namely AirDrop, Camera app photo filters, and certain image specifications. The iPhone 4S will only lack the aforementioned features, while its predecessor, the iPhone 4 (as well as older iPad models) will not support additional features, such as Siri (surprising no one at this point) and certain picture types (square and panoramic).

As is typical of Apple’s standard operating procedure, users are encouraged to invest in newer-model devices if they wish to unleash the full power of iOS 7. What exactly does that entail?

Find out about the most promising additions to the iOS mobile platform below.

Ios7 concept

Control Center

This feature should be familiar to those with Android phones running Jellybean 4.0 or above.

Control Center basically collects the most important settings that may require adjusting on the fly, such as Airplane Mode, rotation lock, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, etc., into one conveniently accessible location, with an upward swipe from the bottom of the screen.

Automatic App Updates

Another feature which has been enjoyed by Android adopters for some time now is the ability to update apps automatically.

Rather than being required to navigate over to the App Store every time an updated version of an app is released, iPhone and iPad users can now sit back and enjoy the convenience of apps that are updated with little to no input from them.

No need to interrupt important (or unimportant) text chats just because the makers of Fruit Ninja created a new power-up!

Activation Lock

An updated, and far more secure, version of Find my iPhone that makes it that much harder for mobile bandits to circumvent device protection.

Even if your phone’s data is erased, Activation Lock can still display user messages, and a wiped phone will now require the input of the owner’s unique Apple ID in order to commence re-activation. While this may not completely deter sticky-fingered smartphone scoundrels, it will make their lives a lot more difficult, which should please anyone whose phone has been nicked in the past.

Ios 7 in car

iOS in the Car

One of the stand-out new features unveiled at Apple’s recent iOS 7 keynote address is iOS in the Car.

iOS in the Car allows users to synch their iPhones to their vehicle’s display screen, where they can access the apps and data stored on their devices, even if the latter is safely stored in your pocket during your commute.

This may end up being the ‘killer app’ feature for Apple devotees who are constantly on the go (assuming their vehicle comes with a compatible dashboard display).


Lamenting the lack of wireless file transfer for iDevices? Have no fear, as Apple has heard your cries for justice.

Similar to the feature which has become an institution on their Mac personal computers, devices sharing a wi-fi or Bluetooth connection will be able to send and receive files through the ether, assuming both are running iOS 7.

And much, much more…

While Apple’s iOS 7 has much more to offer in the way of new features and specifications, this primer focused mostly on sorely missing or revolutionary items being added to Apple’s mobile operating system.

For those who’d like to learn more about what iOS 7 has to offer, look for future updates to the iOS 7 Primer, right here at Geek Insider!