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Airbulb: Finally, a Light Bulb That Plays Music

Creating devices with more than one practical use is an old idea. Take the Swiss Army Knife, one small gadget that can be used as a knife, can opener, screwdriver, scissors, or pliars. Recently that old concept has played a huge part in the technological advancement of society. We have combined more and more of our gadgets into fewer, more versatile devices, making life simpler and easier. Thanks to the ingenious little colored squares we call apps, smartphones have dozens of practical functions that help streamline our lives. But smartphones aren’t just useful in their own right: inventors are constantly coming up with new “smart” objects for our phones to work with that make life easier, be it unlocking our cars or locking our computers. The latest common household item to become smarter and more useful is the light bulb.



AirBulb: Where There Is Light, There Is Music

Avantconcept has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of the Airbulb, the smart light bulb with a built in speaker that you always dreamed about. The bulb fits into a standard lamp socket and has an integrated Bluetooth wireless speaker that plays music when the light is switched on. You can use up to two bulbs per phone, one for each side of your bed. When two bulbs are wirelessly connected via your phone, the sound is separated into left and right signals, giving you quality stereo sound. There are also nature sounds built in to the bulb, so you can go to sleep listening to the soothing sound of the ocean or the chirp of crickets without actually being eaten alive by mosquitoes while braving the great outdoors.

Hate going through the nightly trauma of crawling out of your warm, cozy bed, freezing to death while turning the hall light off, and stubbing your toe while trying to make it back to your room in the pitch darkness? An app for iPhones or Androids allows you to switch the Airbulb on or off, change the light’s color (warm white or cool white), and switch songs, all from the safety of your bed. The smart bulb can also be used as an alarm (next time you go to smash your alarm clock off, keep in mind that it is a lightbulb), or set to blink with various patterns when you receive a notification or call (no, your house it not haunted).

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise $100,000 so Avantconcept can begin the manufacturing process. If they raise $150,000, extra features like a greater variety of flash patterns and more notifications will be added. The campaign has already raised over $30,000, and doesn’t end until April 28. Rewards vary by how much you donate, ranging from a coffee coaster to a set of four Airbulbs. The more you donate, the greater the rewards. The final product will cost US$59. If everything goes according to plan, the Airbulb should be ready to ship by May 2014.