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Aerolife: A Futuristic Nutrition Revolution

by Faith O'Neil

This post brought to you by AeroLife™ . All opinions are 100% mine.

When I first received my review samples from Aerolife, I was a little skeptical. Described as an “air-based smart nutrition system that delivers powdered blends of vitamins, supplements and flavors”, the traditionalist in me was slightly disturbed. Draw powdered vitamins into my mouth via a mouthpiece? That’s just weird. But, here at Geek Insider, weird is what we do. Interestingly enough, these little nutrition-filled cartridges have won me over with their convenience, taste, and lack of need for water to use them.
A Busy Life Solution

As a busy professional, my immune system and energy levels take a beating. Taking a standard multi-vitamin can be cumbersome and difficult to remember. Generally, once I leave the house in the morning, if I have not taken a vitamin that day, then it most likely is not going to get taken. As a bit of a gadget nerd, I am always looking for new, up-and-coming products and gadgets that will make my life easier and help me get more done. So, despite my skepticism, when I was asked if I would like to try a vitamin-of-the-future-style supplement that can be kept in my purse or pocket, to be used anywhere, without the aid of a glass of water, I agreed to give it a shot.

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How It Works

Aerolife consists of a small reusable mouthpiece that is designed to work with reloadable “Aeropods” that twist snugly into the mouthpiece. Once the Aeropod is securely attached to the mouthpiece, a simple tug will pull open the Aeropod. After the Aeropod is open and ready to go, a short draw in on the reusable mouthpiece will draw a flavored powder into the mouth to be swallowed. Each Aeropod delivers 3-5 draws, so a customizable dose is available to everyone.

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Why I Love It

Convenient- The first and foremost reason that I am so thrilled with this product is because of the convenience it offers. Not only can I just store the Aeropods and mouthpiece in my purse, so that there is no more forgetting, I can also use my supplements and vitamins anywhere without having to have water to wash them down. At my desk, in the car, on the bus; I can take Aerolife anywhere.

Garbage-Free – As someone who is pretty conscious of what I put into my body, I was very happy to learn that there are no sugars or calories in Aerolife.

Tastes good- If you have ever had to swallow a gigantic vitamin at 5:45am, then you can appreciate the pleasant taste and unobtrusive size of an inhalable vitamin. I do not miss taking a pill-vitamin at all.

It Works – I can definitely seem myself using Aerolife as a replacement for all of my energy shots and drinks. Literally, only a few minutes after taking Aerolife, I can feel my energy levels begin to rise and that mid-afternoon mental fog is wiped away.

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Overall, I think that Aerolife is an interesting development in the field of nutrition science that will be a huge benefit to busy people who want to avoid the inconvenience of conventional vitamins, supplements, and energy boosters. With their various formulas (Immunity, Sleep, Energy), Aerolife can be tailored to any individual, and is a great way to receive quality nutrition on the go.

If you would like to try Aerolife as an alternative to high calorie, high sugar, energy drinks or shots loaded with mystery ingredients, then head on over to Aerolife.com and Start your free trial now (12 pack of watermelon or raspberry flavor). There is no risk and you’ll love the way Aerolife makes you feel more energized without all the sugar and mystery ingredients.


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