A Sneak Peek on the Facebook Gift Card

The Facebook Gift Card was released in January 2013. What exactly is it and how do you use it? Let’s take a look and get you in the ‘know’.
Have you ever wanted a physical card that can consolidate all of your accounts together? Well, if you have, then we’re sure that you’ve heard of the Facebook Gift Card already? Yes, now, you can go on and treat your Facebook friends to a hearty meal or to a valuable piece of clothing just by handing over your Facebook Gift Card to the merchant of your choice!

Of course, this is provided that your card has credits on it…

Facebook gift card
Look at this snazzy Facebook Gift Card!

According to the company’s official blog post:

Beginning today, people can give their friends gifts to Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target all on one reusable gift card from Facebook.

How does the Facebook Gift Card work?

Let’s get one thing straight: the Facebook Gift Card is a plastic card that you can give to your friends as a gift. Your friend will use this to redeem the credits on the four (4) affiliate companies: Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora and Target. As of right now, there is no report about the user giving himself his own Facebook Gift Card, but hey, you can always try.

Now that this issue has been cleared up, let’s proceed to the actual steps, then…

1. Go to Facebook’s Gift Cards and Digital Category

From here, you will select the appropriate gift that you’re sure your friend will like. If you don’t really know your friend that well, remember that giving food is recommended – at least this way, you won’t be too overwhelmed with the choices.

2. Choose the value of the gift and subsequently make the purchase

Based on Facebook’s example, the denominations of the value that you can possibly put in your Facebook Gift Card are $10, $25, $50 and $100. This is a wonderful concept because those who are watching their budgets can get the lowest one, while those who are trying to impress can avail of the highest denomination. It’s a pretty standardized system that can appeal to practically everyone.

After choosing the value, confirm everything and make the purchase.

3. Your friend will be notified about your transaction

After being notified, your lucky friend can then expect to receive the Facebook Gift Card in the mail after a couple of days. Once he has received the card, he can then proceed to use it at the retailer that you’ve specified.

Facebook Gift Card: All in one

This card is reusable so it can store different gifts from different stores. Yes, your first ever card will indeed arrive in the mail, but as for your next gifts, these will be loaded electronically to your original card, so you get to enjoy a hassle-free and convenient transaction.

The best part about this gift card is that you don’t need to carry a different card for every merchant – you can use one card for all of your favorite brands! Translation: Your wallet doesn’t need to be cramped with several Facebook Gift Cards anymore.

Facebook has stated that the card will progress gradually so that people in the US can get to enjoy its benefits. As of this writing, there is no report regarding the card being available in other countries.