A Publisher & Marketer’s Best Friend: CoSchedule

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Bloggers, influencers, reporters, writers, and editors generally spend a lot of time researching topics, prepping and transcribing interviews, writing, and of course editing. Our days are filled with so many open tabs and works in progress on our plates that our laptops start to feel like they’re on dialup and most work days literally don’t have enough hours in them. 

On top of all that, many of us are also responsible for ensuring those works are pushed out to the appropriate social media channels and if you have more than a couple, it can be a virtual pain in the ass. I should also preface this with this statement — I loathe change and the thought of even trying to find the time to dedicate to learning something new fills me with dread.

So when my boss (re: the owner) said he had a tool that would help manage our social media presence, I was more than a little trepidatious. It didn’t look daunting, not at all, but I just knew it was going to be yet another pain in my ass (re: learning WP’s Gutenberg). However, imagine my surprise when it only took a couple of minutes to learn, AND it has made my daily workload a good bit lighter.

CoSchedule: The Quicker Put’er-Upper

CoSchedule has several great features and I have to admit, I’ve yet to check them all out. However, I’ve used the ‘Social Media Campaign’ component quite a lot and I have to tell you, it alone is worth the price of “admission.”

Coschedule calendar

Not only can you schedule your posts for the entire week, you can use the ‘Requeue’ option to push the article/post the next day, a week, 2 weeks, a month, or even a custom date down the road. Picture this: you just spent 2 days researching and writing a fantastic article and since your organization has a couple of Facebook pages, a Twitter account, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all of which require their own catchy snips, tags, and hashtags, you’re now looking at spending at least another hour marketing your hard work.

Not with CoSchedule. 

With proper setup in WordPress, it’s simply a matter of hitting a dropdown, selecting the linked social media accounts that you want to post this one to, and BAM… you can quickly and easily push unique posts to them all.

Marketing mgmt made easy

Social Media Marketing & Management in 1 Tool

Face it, in our line of work there is virtually nothing more valuable than time.  Spending countless minutes of our day and hours of the work week pushing a social media presence can be nerve wracking. 

And don’t kid yourself. Yeah, I’m talking to you… hiring a social media manager or firm to take care of these mundane yet critical tasks is expensive and time consuming in and of itself. 

Researching their portfolio and success rates.

Getting them up to speed on your mission, goals, target demographic, and “voice” of the individual social media channels takes considerable energy and, of course, plenty of that valuable time of yours.

And then, if you’re like me and 99% of the folks in the business I know, you’re still going to spend a lot of time checking those channels and post engagement to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

In short, it can one helluva headache.

Using CoSchedule can bypass that sort of time hogging and give you the oversight and management your campaigns demand… all at your fingertips.

You owe it to yourself, your staff, and your audience to check out CoSchedule today. 

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