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A Brave New World For Creators

Rapid developments in technologies such as the Internet, the world wide web, low-cost cell phones, improved microchips, and other trends have helped to hand enterprising individuals with a wide variety of opportunities.

Yes, the past two decades have provided creators with a substantial boost. Before one would require a large budget, an expensive team, and time, now one can turn to their laptop, their mobile device, and software.

Today, you don’t need the studios as a musician, reporter, or show host. You’re self-reliant, you just need the patience, dedication, persistence, creativity, long term vision like Softbank, and the right skills. If you are good at creating compelling content, you can make steady progress, gain partnerships, and make a living.

Remember that you have a wide variety of distribution channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and many podcasting channels.

The promise is that you can create like the well-funded people, and if you’re charismatic and captivating enough, then the world is your oyster.

The Influencers are On the Rise

Joe Rogan recently signed a deal to produce content on Spotify exclusively. He has a podcast, JRE, or the Joe Rogan Experience, which is said to net him $30,000 per episode. If he creates five podcast episodes a week, he’d earn $150,000 per week.

Spotify saw his $150,000 per week and raised him a $100,000 million. The world is different, and attention aggregators like JRE are worth quite a bit.

Sure, Rogan has an established background, and that helps him net the more massive deals. But influencers of all types are earning a substantial portion online by building up a subscriber base and entertaining or informing.

Another example is the Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano. Pompliano is a technologist, entrepreneur, and crypto enthusiast. He was relatively obscure before his tweets, newsletter, youtube videos, and podcasts, and now is one of the more prominent faces in the cryptocurrency and general finance community.

There’s Galileo Russell from Hyperchange TV. He’s building subscribers on Youtube, meeting with tech CEOs like Elon Musk and fund managers such as Ross Gerber. He’s monetized his ideas through his book and sees regular views for his content.

These creators have something in common. They have a specific brand around that differentiates them from others. It is what makes people listen to them and come back regularly. These content creators might cover general topics in a more direct and in-depth manner and galvanize their audiences. Oh, and they all monetize by charging for content and/or working with partners to promote products.

Remember that these are merely a few examples of the many content creators in niches ranging from credit to geek content to real estate investing to becoming a millionaire or a venture capitalist.

It’s a content-oriented world and those who engage win.

The Distribution Platforms

Apple, Netflix, Spotify, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and others are platforms fighting for attention. Then, a few of these are battling for advertising dollars. The better these platforms are at helping people connect and helping advertisers reach their specific demographics, the better these platforms do. A few of these are doing it well, while others struggle.

They must create the right space for people to come and stay for a while. That is why you’re seeing a few of these FAANG companies like Apple, Netflix, and others such as Spotify vie for compelling content creators.

The Improved Devices and Software

Apple made a name for itself by saying that the computer is a bicycle for the mind. They also told you to think different while encouraging Hollywood to product place Apple products in films and shows. But Apple improved its products to help creators produce content with ease.

The firm has creative brand positioning and regularly backs it up with improved chips and other components in new devices. This creates an opportunity for more software firms to step in and build on top of this Apple infrastructure.


Firms such as E-camm align with the creative ethos of Apple and create products that delight the end creator. 

It is one firm that can cater solutions to creators and thrive from improving their lives. E-camm is one of these software companies that add significant value to the lives of creatives by providing a seamless live streaming solution.

Live streaming seems like a small component of content creation. I would bet that it is becoming more integral to the lives of creators. It is even more critical in a year defined by lockdowns and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But what is so special about E-camm Live? One, try it out yourself and find out. Two, it is an all in one solution that includes support for” multiple cameras, Blackmagic HDMI capture devices, iPhone and Mac screensharing”. 

I’m intrigued by the saved scenes feature where you can create a few scenes ahead of time and then integrate it into your show when you want, you know, like Trevor Noah on the Daily Show. This allows for commentary, insert the saved scene, and then more commentary.

Pretty cool right?

This is one advancement in software that helps to level the playing field for independent creators. Other fascinating features include the idea of simple overlays to make your streaming content more branded.

E-camm Live is one example of this continuous improvement in software that helps creators produce compelling content like big-budget productions.

It is a whole new world in 2020 for creators everywhere, are you setting aside the time to create intriguing content and distribute it to your audience?

The tools are here. You need to do the work of finding where you resonate and curating your community.

Good Luck.

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