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6 TikTok Accounts You Should be Following

Admittedly, I only recently started using the platform but there’s one thing I’ve found, there are a LOT of TikTok accounts you should be following. Unfortunately, some of the best ones may have never crossed your FYP feed and while everyone’s entertainment taste is different, there are a few I’ve been watching that I think almost everyone will enjoy.

They may not be Geeky, but they’re usually quite entertaining, cute, witty, funny, or creative. Or all the above.

Whether you’re new to TikTok or just looking for something new and different, one or more of these is sure to fill the bill.

The 5 Funniest TikTok Accounts You Should Follow

Everyone here has a lot of weeks with multiple Mondays in them and when that happens, I always take a few short breaks to find a way to disconnect and laugh. Heck, I do it almost every day. While I can always count on my favorite secret humor group on Facebook, TikTok always has funny stuff that’s new… at least to me. Especially from these 5 accounts.

1. It’s a TRAP!

This couple appears to have one of the most healthiest relationships EVER. Well, as long as you consider laughing like hell, sharing cleanup chores, and constantly scheming to outwit each other with elaborate traps as “healthy.”

Because it’s funny as HELL and you’ll quickly find out why they’re one of my picks for top TikTok accounts you should follow.

Lindy and Jlo (@mamalindy) use a WIDE variety of tricks, tactics, and traps while occasionally recruiting their kids (watch for the hair flip!) to smack each other with water balloons. Well… sort of. It’s actually shaving cream mixed with water and while it looks like it would be a pain in the butt to clean up, they say they always clean together and as they’ve done it so much, it’s usually a quick job.

Probably faster than some of their traps take to build.

He’s by far the most elaborate trap-maker but she is a tricky thang herself. You’ll be surprised by her ingenious hiding spots but no matter what, whether he gets her or vice verse, his laugh is always hearty and genuine. 

Oh.. and he’s one HECK of a shot… which he incorporates in many of his traps. He’s a cop and while I don’t know if he is the department sniper, I definitely wouldn’t want his sights on me.

With 16.5 million followers you can be assured they’re worth checking out.

2. He’s Definitely a Ham

Hammy and Olivia (@hammyandolivia) never disappoint and with 6.3 million fans and growing, it’s definitely another top TikTok account to follow. Especially if you like cute dogs… ie corgis. Actually Hammy and Olivia have been joined by a few cats recently and while I only recently started watching, I absolute love ‘em all.

Each of the animals have their own voice and between Hammy’s training and cuteness coupled with fresh script writing and great editing, the videos are always entertaining. 

I have NO doubt that Hammy and gang will gain a lot more followers soon and I hope to continue seeing their videos for a long time to come.

Here’s one of my favorites (Hammy’s yell always gets me in these) –

3. She’s a BAD Granny

I LOVE this lady!

She’s old, she’s grumpy, has a potty mouth, and is fricken FUNNY!

And her daughter’s schemes and laugh is a hoot! Well, Nancy calls her Granny so it’s a complete guess on the “daughter” thing but I think it’s a safe bet. Granny lives with her and her husband and over at @grannysoffherrocker, this NSFW account (you never know what she’s going to say) always makes me laugh.

Whether it’s Nancy messing with Granny’s food/cooking, asking off the wall questions (especially in the morning. Granny is NOT a morning person and you definitely don’t want to fool with her before she’s had her coffee). However, in my opinion, the winner hand’s down are when Nancy pulls a prank like the one in the hilarious video below. If you like a little dirty humor and infectious laughter, head over now and join Granny’s 1.3 million TikTok followers.

Watch Granny give an unscripted updated version of Lucy’s Vitameatavegamin commercial –

4. My Second Favorite German Shepard

Yes, my second. My girl Rose is my favorite favorite. That being said, while Rose has a mega-cute personality and does some funny things, the scripting and voiceover for Chino is absolutely hilarious.

While ole Hammy’s training is used to full advantage, it’s really the writing, editing, and natural feel of @chinothegsd’s videos that make him a favorite. The videos usually have him simply doing what dogs do, sniffing, running, being nosey, etc, but his producer and director splice it all together and come up with some really unique and fun stuff.

The language is PG (Chino likes the F word but I swear, hearing Chino say “for f*cks sake, Ma” always make’s me laugh) but check out the one below and you’ll see why he has 348,000 followers.

Take a look at Chino –

5. Stay Safe

Okay, I have a weird sense of humor so some of you out there may not find this one amusing, but hear me out. @Shay.nanigans87 is a wonderful woman that has a couple of TikTok accounts but this one is more on the fun side. How safe are you on the internet? How hard do you think it would be for a stranger to track you down? Think it’s impossible because you “never” post personal identifying information?

You may want to rethink that.

She’ll show you where you poop. Seriously, there are numerous times she has shown people photos of the interior of their homes, including their bathrooms. And toilets.

How does she do it? Well, she’s not a hacker and doesn’t work for the CIA/NSA/FBI. Well, at least I don’t think she does but if she does, that’s not how she’ll find you. She simply uses what you’ve posted on social media.

I’ve even seen her find several folks that only had minimal videos on their accounts.

And she uses these super powers for good too so deadbeats beware, she hunts down child support skippers. 

The reason I find this TikTok account funny is because:

  1. People freak out when she shows em where they poop.
  2. She has a cute/freaky/funny personality
  3. She makes some of the videos creepy AF

She always shows how she finds the target while ensuring that their privacy is maintained and if you want to see a great example for why she has 361.3k followers, give this video a peek.

Here’s a great one to check out –

Note to Shay: If you see this, while I don’t think it’d be impossible for you to find me, I do think it’d be pretty hard and even though you may find my home, there’s no way you can show me where I poop. 🙂

The Cutest, Sweetest, Funniest TikTok Account


Okay maybe that’s a little extreme but this little girl has 16.7 million followers but for some unknown reason, isn’t a verified account.

And if anyone deserves it, Lilly does!

I’m serious folks. She is a genuinely good soul and RARELY (at least what we see on video) in a bad mood. She is chipper, funny, inquisitive, and sharp as a tack.

And get this – she LOVES Pennywise and pretty much anything Halloween. Lilly adores ALL living creatures. I’ve seen her gently hold bumble bees, go crazy over a new-to-her insect, and I’ve yet to see her shy away from trying something new.

She has a new(ish) sister named Violet and from everything we’ve seen so far, she is going to be as much joy as Lilly. You seriously never know what her videos will be about but she never fails to bring a smile to my face and brighten my day.

Go watch some of Lilly’s videos (@brittikitty) and I think you’ll agree that she deserves that blue check!

Here’s a great one that’s timely right now –

A Bonus Laugh

While a lot of his videos are in Spanish, El Cholo gets the prize for the TikTok video that I’ve watched most. And I mean I’ve watched it a LOT. LOL

It’s one of those #guypunchingcarwindow videos but he weaves it together with Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ and with his editing and personality, it’s just funny AF.

Check it out –

And there you have it, TikTok accounts you should follow if you want to brighten up your day or have a laugh. Got a favorite you think everyone should check out? Post it comments and let’s see what people say!

– Matthew

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