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6 Changes to Make to Your Bedroom to Improve Your Health

You spend a lot of hours in your bedroom each day, and it should be a place that is safe and healthy every time you go in there. A majority of homeowners spent between $5,000 and $10,000 on home improvement for their homes in 2018. A good portion of these costs were spent on improving bedrooms and making them healthier. Making this investment could make all the difference in your health, which is why you should consider the six changes below.

1. Add a Space Heater

If you have a room that is chilly during the winter, one of the best things to do is embrace space heaters to keep the area warm and avoid catching illnesses. Electric space heaters add immediate heat to small 130-150 square-foot rooms and are a go-to for heating bedrooms. They are also convenient enough that you can pull them out as you need them and store them away when it is warmer.

2. Maintain Pest Control

This is especially important for those who live in apartment complexes and condos where you share walls with other families. About one-fifth of U.S. homes and hotels experience an annual bed bug problem. Having pest control come in and spray regularly will help fight against these bugs that can get into your room and make the area unhealthy. If you share walls, you are at a high risk of exposure to these pests, especially if your neighbors are not maintaining their own pest control.

3. Remove Chemical Scents

While you may enjoy the smells from the wall scents and candles you have in your room, the chemicals inside these items can cause you to get sick. Natural scents in your room will help maintain good air quality, and keep you from inhaling these unwanted chemicals that can get into your system and force your body to constantly remove these toxins while you’re sleeping. Some of the cleaning products that you use may also have these harmful scents, so opt for natural products to clean the room, and coffee beans to absorb any smells, neutralizing the air.

4. Add Some Plants

It is a good idea to bring in some greenery to your room to help purify the air and make it healthier for you to breathe while you are sleeping. Some of the best plants for your room include peace lilies, rubber plants, and spider plants. If you have pets, you may want to make sure these are safe for them, also, as some plants can be dangerous if they ingest them. These plants will produce clean air, naturally purifying it, which is great in areas where your air may not circulate very well, or has a lot of pollution from the outside.

5. Invest In a Hypoallergenic Mattress

In order to make sure you are comfortable and healthy when sleeping, you should invest in a hypoallergenic mattress, especially if you have any variation of allergies. Over time, your allergies are likely to get worse, and with a hypoallergenic mattress, the material will not cause reactions on your skin, and keep away dust build-up and dust mites. If you suffer from asthma, then you need one of these paired along with the other changes to make breathing easier.

6. Choose an Air Dehumidifier

Some climates hold a lot of water in the air, which can make it hard to breathe and cause lots of congestion. If you live in one of these areas, make sure you purchase and use your air dehumidifier at night, as it will pull the water out of the air in the room, making it drier and easier to breathe. You can get these in different sizes to fit your room and use them in other rooms if you need them.

When you take advantage of these changes, you can feel confident that you are having good solutions, even if you feel like a geek worrying about these things. Not everyone has the same health issues, but these can help make sleeping more comfortable so that you get the rest you need. A healthy night’s sleep means that your body can function at 100% and keep your immune system in check at all times.

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