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5 Geeky Vacation Destinations

Everybody needs time to rest and relax, and what better way to do it then by going on vacation? With the Christmas season coming up, it’s a good time to take some leave from work and dedicate days to just having fun. The big question, however, is where to go! Well, there are lots of options that the whole family would love–even ones that are a bit geekier in nature. Anyone can enjoy these geeky places!

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 geeky vacation destinations, living

1. Scotland

While this vacation destination isn’t really geeky, fans of Pixar’s Brave would love to see the gorgeous landscapes that inspired the movie. History buffs would love visiting all the castles and historic landmarks too. Don’t forget family though; they would also love to see it, if just to say that they’ve been to Scotland. Whether the purpose is geeky or not, few people could be disappointed by a trip here. Scotland has beautiful mountains and lakes all across it, historic places to visit and explore, and is a great place to have a vacation.

Angry birds land

2. Angry Birds Land

That’s right, for those who love this strategic, fort destroying app, there’s a theme park based on it. Located in Tampere, Finland, Angry Birds Land is a part of the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park and has everything you’d find in an amusement park including twelve different rides plus an adventure course. This is a vacation spot that many people can enjoy, not just Angry Birds fans. And after all the fun in the park, there’s still plenty of other places to see in Finland.

Harry potter world

3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Another theme park, this one modeled after the much loved book/movie series Harry Potter. Located in Universal Studios Florida, this is a top spot to go for any geeky vacation. People can experience rides based on the characters and situations found in Harry Potter such as the Dragon Challenge and Flight of the Hippogriff. For those who don’t much like amusement park rides, there’s still plenty of stuff to see: Hogsmede, the Forbidden Forest, and, as of 2014, Diagon Alley.


4. The Shire

Fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, can now visit the Shire, home to everyone’s favorite hobbits. After the filmmakers had to destroy the beautiful set they painstakingly built for The Lord of the Rings, they decided to make a set that would last for The Hobbit so that others could visit and enjoy. Located in New Zealand, people are able to gaze at the gorgeous scenery and even explore a few hobbit holes.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 geeky vacation destinations, living

5. Akihabara, Tokyo

Tokyo is a place full of exciting and fun things to do while on vacation, and visiting Akihabara is one of them. Filled with flashing lights, top games, electronics, and gadgets, this geeky paradise is known as one of the best gaming spots in the world. After filling up on all the joys Akihabara has to offer, you can swing by other places in Japan in order to soak up their rich and beautiful culture.