Video game lessons

10 Life Lessons That Everyone Should Learn From Games

Video games can be highly valuable to one’s education and development. They promote cooperation and team work,  develop problem- solving skills and can aid in dexterity and hand eye coordination. However, I feel the valuable life experiences that video games strive to teach us have been largely ignored over the years. Let’s look at these practical lessons so we can apply them to our own lives.

Video game lessons

10 Life Lessons To Learn From Games

1. Food that you find in the trash or on the ground will heal you.

Your parents may have told you never to accept candy from a stranger, but did you know that food found on the ground or in a garbage bin is fair game? Not only will you be getting a free meal, that drumstick will heal you! The same goes for unidentifiable herbs or vials of red liquid that somebody left lying around. You may not be an herbalist or a scientist, but it’ll probably be fine.

2. First aid is absorbable.

Regardless of what you learned in health class, first aid doesn’t actually have to be applied to your body if you’re injured. To heal yourself, simply walk over one of the many first aid kits that are always lying around in public areas. Voila!

3. Performance enhancing drugs are always the answer.

Feeling a little tired or less powerful than usual? That’s what giant-inducing mushrooms and stim packs are for! Not sure where to get them? Like with most things, you can find them lying around in any old place. There’s absolutely no danger in injecting yourself with something you’ve found on the street.

4. Road rage is both expected and necessary.

In a hurry? That’s okay, bumper bumping and running people off the road is acceptable behavior and results in zero consequences. Don’t worry if a cop catches you, you can probably outrun them anyway. It’s also perfectly okay to throw things at passing motorists and drop explosive-filled boxes in the road in order to get ahead. Bananas are useful, too.

5. Time is inconsequential.

Are you on a time-sensitive mission? Perhaps the apocalypse is coming, an evil overlord is threatening the destruction of humanity, or a princess needs rescuing. It’s okay, that shit can wait. What’s most important is that you take some ‘you’ time. Whether that means fishing, treasure hunting or exploring some random caves, it’s up to you. Just don’t stress yourself by adhering to time limits. The universe will wait for you.

6. Animal murder and deforestation will solve your financial woes.

Have you found yourself to be a bit strapped for cash lately? All you need to do is hunt down some small, defenseless animals and cut down some trees and all your financial difficulties will be solved! You don’t even have to worry about selling the wood or hides, because animals and trees are known for dropping money when destroyed. Robbery is also a great way to pick up some extra Benjamins.

7. Fashion is the key to everything.

Almost anything can be solved through a wardrobe change. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you desperately needed the ability to fly, shoot fire, gain strength, or turn into a bee? We’ve all been there. Fortunately, there’s a suit for all of those needs!

8. Less is more.

Speaking of fashion, it’s important for the ladies to know that it’s unnecessary to compromise attractiveness in the name of safety. Skimpy, flesh-revealing armor will protect you just as well as any full suit of metal.

9. Bags are bigger on the inside.

Your backpack may seem small, but it’s really a miniature Tardis. You can cram all sorts of things in there before you fill it up. If you think this excludes body armor and broad swords, you’d be wrong.

10. Life can be easy.

Are you finding life a little too difficult to deal with? Perhaps it even seems like it’s set to ‘nightmare.’ No problem, when times are tough, just switch to ‘easy’ mode! If even that fails, you can always start over.