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5 Geeky Characters to Crush On

Since there have been movies and television, there has been that perfect hero for us to fall for. From Sean Connery’s James Bond, Bruce Willis’s John McClane, Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo, Lucy Lawless’ Xena, and even Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy, we have always had that idea of the strong hero to save us from danger. With that to compare to, we usually see the geek as the bumbling, bespectacled, quirky one who wouldn’t stand a chance at the first sign of danger. But lately, geeky is the new sexy. Maybe it’s the snarky sarcasm some geeks spout or maybe it’s the vision of a cute girl or guy in spectacles and a lab coat that has the power to make us swoon. Luckily I’ve managed to drag myself away from drooling to give you my pick on crush-worthy geeks.

Geekisthenew_fullpic_11. James Tiberius Kirk


I know James T Kirk is not the first person most people would think of when it comes to a list of crush-worthy geeks. As the captain of the USS Enterprise we’re used to him seducing females, both human and alien, as he makes his way through “the final frontier.” Played by William Shatner in the original series and Chris Pine in the 2009 reboot, they both brought a shudder worthy hotness to the role. Everyone expects Captain Kirk to make a rash decision and then get himself out of it by the skin of his teeth. What we don’t really remember is how smart he is. Starfleet Academy has a three year program for all ensigns, and Kirk made it through in two. He is a good blend between brains and brawn.

 2. Wesley and Giles


Not only does Joss Whedon create female characters that makes us want to be them, but he also creates some hot geeks for us to swoon over. None more so than Wesley and Giles, which is why they share one post. When we first met Wesley, he was sent by the Watcher’s Council when Giles couldn’t fully do his job. To me, he was the younger, sexier one who would try to help Buffy and her friends every week.

Then there’s Giles, played by Anthony Stewart Head, who in my opinion ages like wine. We first saw him as the librarian with the hot accent who was in charge of making sure that Buffy had the information she needed to defeat whatever evil she was facing in the episode. However, what really sold his hotness for me had to be his past as the Ripper. For someone who comes across as buttoned up to have a past like that is still appealing.

3. The Doctor


I know the older versions of the Doctor are not what people might call conventionally attractive. But with the reboot at the hands of Russell T Davies, these new Doctors have shed numbers off their years.  With the first appearance of Christopher Eccleston in the leather jacket and the smile on his face as he said “Run,” I was immediately hooked. Granted, everyone picks who they find attractive but, Eccleston proved the Doctor can be hot as well as a genius. Even Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, with his fondness for bow ties, tweed, suspenders, and the occasional fez or Stetson, has proved that the Doctor can even be eccentric while adorable. However, the “sexy prize” would definitely have to go to David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. Falling for his companion, having another fall for him, and even managing to become friends with another showed his relatability, but wearing converse sneakers with a suit and having a perfect mix of hilarity and geekiness made him hot.

4. Sherlock Holmes


There is no way that I could write this list and not include Sherlock Holmes. Everyone has their favurite actor who plays the detective and finds something about them crush-worthy. To date, there are three actors portraying the iconic detective and a barrage of fans backing them all the way. First is Robert Downey Jr., who started the craze in 2009. Donning his English accent and showing some underground fighting skills–while shirtless no less–he was off to a great start showing Holmes as ruggedly handsome yet socially awkward at times. Next up is Johnny Lee Miller. In Elementary, he plays a modern day rehabilitated Sherlock Holmes in New York City. With this new realism to the character, he brings a new sort of quirk to the character, which doesn’t detract from his hotness in any way. Finally there’s Benedict Cumberbatch , who is popping up everywhere these days, and brings new oddities to the character in the form of his quick decisions and fantastic rapport with Martin Freeman’s John Watson. Plus, who can resist his habit of turning up his collar? And those eyes!

 5. Cosima Niehaus


I was actually picking my fifth person when I realized that there were no girls on this list. To remedy this I picked one from a show I discovered a few months ago. Flipping through channels, I managed to catch the end of an episode of ‘Orphan Black’ on BBC America. A down on her luck woman trying to make a better life for her and her daughter happens to catch a glimpse of a woman who looks exactly like her moments before she steps in front of a train. Tatiana Maslany does an amazing job of portraying all of the clones; it seems like a seamless transition between each clone’s personality. For this reason, Cosima has made my list. She comes across as an indie-rock kind of geek. Not only does she wear dreads, rimmed glasses, and even a nose ring, but she’s incredibly smart, getting her PhD in experimental environmental biology. She’s quirky in her own way and sarcastic which makes her crush-worthy to me.

Well, that’s it for my crush worthy geeks. Who are some of yours?