5 Effective Ways to Spice Up Your Office

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Whether you work at home or onsite, you spend a big portion of your workday in your office. While there, you’re expected to be social, creative, and of course, productive. That being said, are you aware that the design of your office space can affect your creativity and productivity?

In fact, the most productive workers have offices that merge a professional business atmosphere with the look and feel of home. For those of you that want an office setup that nurtures a healthy and happy environment that you can thrive in, you need to spice it up.  

The tips today are great for almost any office, big or small, and whether you implement them all or just one or two here and there, these changes can make a huge difference.

1. A Small Change that Makes a BIG Difference

A simple way to improve your energy, as well as reduce eye strain, is to optimize your lighting. If you have windows, maximize natural light by changing out any opaque window treatments for lighter options. If more natural light isn’t an option, use brighter white bulbs or take it a step further with white LED Neon Flex lighting for a stylish alternative.

2. A Stylish Upgrade 

You may not realize it but chances are pretty good that your office floor is kind of ugly. That plastic chair mat that you’ve used for years is discolored, dented, cracked, and cloudy and chances are, it actually impedes your movement. It’s even worse if you don’t have a mat and just have carpeting. With a bare floor, you can end up scratching it beyond repair.

With a Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza, you not only move easier and protect your floor, but it also spices up your office with a classy and professional look. They have 18 styles to choose from or you can make a custom design. Best of all, they’re all covered by a transferable lifetime warranty.

3. Art

Even if you’re not an aficionado or have a favorite artist, hanging art in your office can make it seem a lot more interesting and spacious. If you want to make it personal, consider canvas prints that you can customize with your own photos and show off your family or various aspects of the company. Alternatively, you can opt for bold, eye-catching, and vibrant artwork or conversely, a more simple approach with smaller black and white options.

Adding art to your office will help brighten it up and make it more welcoming to visitors. Merge this idea with the two above and your office space will be taken to the next level.

4. Clean it Up

With the vast majority of you spending a lot of time at your desk, it stands to reason that at least some of you have a cluttered desk and office. In some cases, extremely jumbled and messy. A good portion of this office clutter probably includes folders, scratchpads, snacks, extra pens, and other things that you don’t necessarily need to have out at all times.

Decluttering your desk can make a huge difference in the feel of your office. Try to go paperless whoever possible and utilize your desk drawers more. That’s what they’re for. Spicing up your office with a regular “spring cleaning” will not only make it look better, but it can help you be more productive.

5. Own It

Above all else, your office should be a reflection of your personality. Add a funky lamp or a bookshelf with your favorite literature. Place photos of your family on the desk or wall. Whether you work in a traditional office or you’ve transitioned to working from home, personalizing your workspace can actually improve your productivity.

Sprucing up your office will make it more inviting and help brighten your mood throughout the entire day. The 5 tips above are easy, affordable, and will go a long way towards your goal of spicing things up around the office.

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