5 Apps Based on Bad TV Shows

Today, there are so many apps available to download to your Smartphone and tablet. Some apps are awesome and can be used on a regular basis. Then there are those that might make you wonder, what were they thinking? Some of these awful apps were influenced by the thing that influences us all: television. Check out these 5 apps based on bad TV shows.

1. Jersify Jersey Shore Yourself: Become a Jersey Show Cast Member

If you think the show is lame, check this out. This application can be used to transform yourself, friends and family into characters worthy enough to be on that terrible MTV show. Overlay an image with fist-pumping attire, accessories and hair-dos to capture the ultimate Guido look. This app is strictly for fun, so please, for the rest of the world’s sake, don’t use it for serious fashion advice. 5 apps based on bad tv

2. Conquering Compulsive Hoarding

This app is based off of the A&E series Hoarders, which, as the name implies, features the lives and homes of hoarders across the country. As if the show weren’t enough, now there’s an app based on the show you can use to keep track of your possessions. This disturbing show has brought the disorder mainstream and several companies have decided to cash in on the train. What will they think of next? I hope not another app! 5 apps based on bad tv

3. The Jeff Dunham iPhone App: Control Dunham’s Hilarious Characters

Don’t you just love Jeff Dunham and his array of puppets? With this app you can get in the action with an interactive game where you can control the puppets’ movements and try your hand at ventriloquism. You can control the mouth and eye movements of the puppets by placing a finger anywhere on the screen, and you can even record your own lines for the characters to say back in your voice. That should keep you entertained until the next useless app makes its big debut. 5 apps based on bad tv

4. Be a CSI Agent On Your Smartphone

This app actually provides you with a DNA-sensitive LED screen that you can use to look at blood samples, fingerprints and other DNA samples. The app is slightly dramatic just like the show in a way, and hovers over a cloud of ominous feelings. Perhaps some viewers take the show a little too far? I mean, running around playing detective does seem a little excessive, don’t you think? 5 apps based on bad tv shows

5. General Hospital: Get Your Daily Dose of Soap Gossip

General Hospital is a long-running soap opera that somehow managed to capture the focus of so many viewers over the years. The juicy gossip stays in a constant circulation, filling viewers’ minds with useless and irrelevant knowledge they will soon to forget. This app is designed to keep those viewers in contact with that gossip and news they crave so much. If you don’t get enough drama in your life, don’t worry! There’s an app for that! 5 apps based on bad tv

So the next time you are bored out of your mind and need to waste some time, consider downloading one of the apps listed above. Who knows, they could at least provide some laughs. For the best app-ing experience check out HughesNet Internet Guide to better your internet connection.