4 Reasons to Check Out Kikoff

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There are a wide variety of options for individuals to improve their financial condition. 

Financial inclusion initiatives are coming about due to the opportunity it presents in the world today. 

There are seemingly radical options such as bitcoin and the emerging digital asset industry that aim to decentralize currency from the state. Then there are forward-facing fintech applications such as Square and Kikoff that help people move money with a better design or help them build credit.

Today, we’ll dive a little deeper into why you might want to get acquainted with Kikoff and how it can help you. Here are a few reasons why you will want to check out Kikoff today.

1. Kikoff Helps You Build Credit

Kikoff is a compelling way to get started on reaching your financial goals by helping you build credit. But why is building credit so important right now? The answer is quite simple; the right credit score means everything to lenders and vendors everywhere. 

Merchants and global institutions want to know if you are a responsible borrower and will continue to demonstrate proper borrowing behavior. They want to know this so that they can sell you products and services and sleep comfortably, knowing that you can pay them back over time.

Lending institutions have significant incentives to avoid making loans to those who can’t pay them back. They want to prevent another 2008/2009 style financial crisis that some say we’re still struggling to come back from even today.

In essence, the better your credit score, the better it is for you to access better credit, better home insurance rates, and other products at a lower cost. 

How does Kikoff come into the picture and improve your credit score? They focus on one specific component, the payment history.


The payment history makes up at least 35% of your credit score.

2. It is Simple: Here’s How Kikoff Works

If you’re interested in building your credit for free without any fees or the use of a card, here’s how you will get started today.

  1. Get started by signing up with Kikoff and show proof of identification. It is after all financial entity, and they need to know their customer to help them improve their credit.
  2. There’s no stress as they don’t require too much information, a bank account, or even a general credit score. Get approved instantly.
  3. They deposit $12 in the form a loan quickly to help establish a payment history as soon as possible.
  4. You pay $1 each month and establish a payment history.

The idea is that by paying just one simple dollar each month, you show that you are someone who will pay their loans back on time.

Kikoff is compelling because it makes it as simple as possible to build or rebuild credit.

3. Kikoff is Free and Accessible

There is no excuse not to get started with Kikoff for those who want to build or even rebuild credit. The company has backing from established firms in Silicon Valley and is starting by offering a free product. These backers include firms such as Lightspeed Ventures and Foundation Capital.

Kikoff is a mission-driven company that “believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own their financial future.” 

The founders of Kikoff realize that it is tempting to use and abuse credit when using cards to establish a proper credit history. With Kikoff, its all upside and no downside as there are no interest rates, or traditional fees to use their service.

What’s not to like?

4. Accessibility Means Progress

Remember that excellent credit scores help you to acquire better apartments, get the right car loans, and help you get better interest overall.

Further financial inclusion apps help to bolster the strength of the economy as more people become financially healthy.

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