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4 Home Improvement Projects You Can Incorporate Geeky Style Into

The main point of home improvement for most, if not all people, is to impart their style to the space that’s being improved. That said, if you’re into geeky style and would like for your home to reflect this, there are a few projects that you can use to reflect this perfectly. These are projects that will improve your home considerably and leave it feeling that much more personal for you.

1. Kitchen Improvements

As you well know now, the kitchen is one space in any home that lends itself well to improvements. This is because there are many possible projects that can be done at any time, and this is why it’s one of the best places to incorporate geek style. That said, keep in mind that 45% of people prefer a countertop that’s white or cream. You might opt for a different color in this case, or even texture altogether. You could also add interesting and creative shelving, a kitchen island, or even flooring, any of which could be inspired by your current fandom.

2. Addition Projects

You can also bring out the geek in you in an addition project that’s also going to give you amazing returns. A good example of this is the deck of your home, for which you can get creative. This is also a valuable project, since homeowners can get an 80% ROI when they build a new wood deck! This means that you can build a solid wood deck and then add geeky decor in the form of lighting fixtures and other elements that will take it to the level you’d like it to be at. This way, you’ll make sure that your home welcomes you in a way that you’re sure to love.

3. Lighting Updates

The lighting is another project that can lend itself perfectly to geek updates. This is because, as mentioned, there are creative kinds of lighting fixtures that you can install in your house so that they reflect your taste. While changing the fixtures to those that you like, you could also replace the bulbs themselves with LED bulbs so that you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. This will benefit you, as you ought to spend between 5% and 10% of your yearly income on utilities. Apart from the fixtures themselves, you can also get geeky light switches and even bulbs that fit your style perfectly, even if this takes a lot of window shopping.

4. Painting Projects

The final home improvement project that you can instill geeky style into is painting projects. As mentioned, you can use edgy colors, such as colors that are synchronous to your favorite fandom or style. By using color, it’s quite easy to remake any space and set the best background for any project that you’d like to do. In this case, it’s possible to even use wallpaper on the walls to change a lot more than the color, since you can adjust the texture and even the design. In fact, you can even make wall art with something that you’re particularly happy with, and you’ll get an amazing outcome with a little bit of creativity.

By releasing your creativity and taking time to make the right plans for every project that you do, you can get a home that’s as chic and geeky as you’d like it to be. While many of these projects may seem amazing to do yourself as a labor of love, it’s okay to hire a professional for the more technical projects. If you can tell them exactly what you want and guide them properly, they can help you get an amazing outcome without putting yourself or the project at risk.

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