3 Things to Consider If Your Car Has Been Towed

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Unfortunately, cars are unexpectedly towed every day. In some cases, they are towed because of a breakdown; in other cases, cars are towed because they are repossessed or have unpaid fines. According to Zippia, there are around 31,154 tow truck drivers in the United States. Here are three things to consider if your car has been towed.

1. Why Was the Vehicle Towed?

Nothing is worse than realizing your vehicle has been towed away. Many people are in a state of shock when they come to retrieve their vehicle, and it is gone. When your vehicle is towed away, the first thing to do is to determine the reason. Are you behind on your payments? Do you owe parking tickets or other fines?

If your vehicle was left on the side of the road because it was broken down, that is another possible reason it was towed. Give some consideration to what caused your vehicle to be towed. Your next step is finding out where the vehicle has been towed.

2. What Are Your Rights?

Once you have located your vehicle, you must understand your rights. Some jurisdictions have laws that protect consumers from high dollar fees and costs. You should be able to get your effects from the vehicle and have a specific amount of time to pay what you owe to get the car back. According to NOLO, even in repossession cases, the lender must give you 21 days, in most cases, to make good on the money owed.

As mentioned above, in most states, you will have at least 21 days to pay what you owe to get your vehicle back. It would be best to keep it out of any communication about the towing event. Keep a log of phone conversations and written communication to protect yourself. Investigate the potential for disputing any charges. You could save yourself some money.

3. How to Calculate Fees

You will be responsible for two sets of fees: the towing fee and the storage fee. The storage fees are calculated daily and can be stacked quickly. Getting your vehicle back as soon as possible is essential to reducing the fees.

The vehicle will not be released until you pay all the fees. It’s important to ask what type of payment it accepts. Some locations will not take checks; some only accept debit cards and cash. Before you head out, ask about the accepted payment type, or the trip may be for nothing.

Other Things to Consider

When you pick up the vehicle, inspect it closely for any damage. If you can, you should take it to a mechanic for inspection. Towing can be tough on a car, especially when it’s a quick type of tow because it owes money, like in a repossession scenario. Make a note of any damage and file a complaint.

You also want to consider whether it is worth getting your vehicle back. Yes, that sounds like bad advice, but it isn’t. If you owe more than the vehicle is worth or can’t afford the necessary repairs, you may want to walk away from it. Sometimes, vehicle towing can be an unexpected turn of good luck.

Fighting for a vehicle that has been nothing but a headache may not be worth the effort. Getting your car towed can be stressful, but keeping a cool head can help. Learn more about what you can do when your car is towed.

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