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10 Ways to Know You’re a Hardcore Harry Potter Fan

Many people claim to be Harry Potter fans, but how do you distinguish the true fans from the posers? A hardcore HP fan has several qualities that make them stand out among the fakes. If these apply to you, you are a hardcore fan. If they do not apply to you, well, you are a not a real fan, and are therefore shunned by the rest of us.

Hp tats

10. Midnight Premiers. In Costume.

You went to all the midnight premiers in full costume. Not just a Harry Potter themed T-shirt, but a complete costume, with props if necessary. I admit that I was not deemed a hardcore fan until the final two movies were released. I went to all the midnight premiers (or as close to midnight as I could get…the first few movies came out when I was quite young!), but only dressed up for Parts 1 + 2 of Book Seven. I went as Bellatrix, and I looked awesome!

9. Repeated Viewing.

You own all the movies. Not only do you own the movies, but you own the special editions, with the bonus discs that have all the behind the scenes extras. You have watched said movies and behind the scenes extras several times. In fact, you have re-watched all of the previous movies leading up to the latest release, so you’ve seen the first movie at least eight times. You also bought the Super Duper Fan Package tickets when Part 2 was released and sat in the theater for days while they replayed all seven movies in a row, leading up to the final premier.

8. The Books.

You liked the books before they were cool. A hardcore HP fan has not only read the books, but owns the books. You were there for the midnight release parties at the local bookstores, and arrived in costume. You have all of the books, have read all of them, and can tell the differences between any given book compared with the accompanying movie. You also know the books are better than the movies, and reject anyone who calls themselves a fan but has never read a single page.

7. Heartbreak.

As much as you waited and anticipated and loved the final book and movie, half of you was actually devastated. That was it. There would be no more Harry Potter, to read or watch. You will never get to dress up for a midnight premier, wait in line with other fans outside the bookstore, or be surprised by the twists in the story and your favorite characters again. The end of Harry Potter was like the end of a long, serious relationship. You’re still not over it.

6. Obsession.

No true fan is without a character obsession. You have your favorite characters, of course, but then there is that one character you just love. Love. You can’t separate the actor from the character, and follow them through the news. You have clippings in your room and print outs from the internet. You’ve seen all they did since HP ended, and everything that came before.

5. Defining Life Moments.

You dream and wish and hope against hope that the defining moments in your life will somehow be HP themed. You already have picked out your children’s names based on characters or items from the stories, your prom outfit had a Harry Potter flair to it, and you dream of an HP themed wedding someday. You’ve also seen this video and are full of equal parts of happiness for the couple, mixed with jealousy beyond belief that it is not happening to you.

4. Muggle Quidditch.

You are part of a Muggle Quidditch Team. It doesn’t matter whether the team is recognized by the International Quidditch Association or just for fun with your friends.

3. Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

You have already been here. If you haven’t already been here, you want to go desperately. You keep asking family and friends to sponsor a trip for you in lieu of gifts for holidays. You set aside money all the time for the occasion, and plan to go within the next five years. You have researched the park and already know the order of all the activities you want to do.

2. AVPM.

You have seen A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel on You Tube (or in person if you’ve been lucky enough!). You think both of these shows are hilarious. Even though they mix a bunch of different plot details, they are still a barrel of laughs to watch. You often encourage your friends who are not hardcore HP fans to at least give these shows a try.

1. Tattoos.

You have at least one Harry Potter tattoo. Whether it be a symbol, a quote, or a picture of a character, you wear your dedication for life. It didn’t even hurt when you got it because you were so excited. You show it to anyone who challenges your hardcore fan status, and often are able to one-up other “fans” who are tat-free.