Whether the kids like flying around the house in Serenity, the girls want to be Princess Darth Vaders with pink light sabers, or the family is more into video games, Geek Insider’s got 10 a-dork-able Halloween costumes for even the littlest geeks in the family. If the family geeks out over video games, movies, TV shows, books, or comics here are some ideas to help you and the family get your Halloween started out geeky.

Legends of Zelda


Dr. Who

If the family loves to watch the Doctor chase and be chased by monsters and solve other people’s problems, why not throw on a pair of cute kid slacks, black or brown shoes, hem up grandpa’s old coat or hit the goodwill to look for a kid sized tweed jacket, and don’t forget the bow tie; especially if they want to be the Eleventh Doctor. But there are other choices, too. Why not cut out a pair of cardboard wings and spray paint them gray, then all there is left is some face pain and hair dye and, whola, a weeping angle. DON’T BLINK. There are also many online stores and costume shops that have Dalek costumes as well, if the family is not feeling crafty. Some of the coolest costumes are the ones that think out side of the box like the Doctor in his wheelchair TARDIS.


Doctor Who





 Star Wars

If the Doctor doesn’t get the family running maybe the Dark Side does. A few glow sticks in a clear plastic tube make for a great light saber that if destroyed is not a big deal.  And all that’s needed to get a beautiful Princess Darth Vader is a can of pink, and sparkly if wanted, spray paint and a tiara. Get a cheap Darth Vader mask from Wal-Mart or any store you find it and go to town with the paint to create a sparkly over lord that shouldn’t be messed with.  If not so crafty, or just don’t have the time, check out amazon.com or other online costume stores like, costumeexpress.com, for great geeky costumes in all sorts of sizes and characters. One can find any thing from R2D2 to an Ewok to Yoda for the little tikes.


Princess Darth Vader










If the family is into cult sci-fi shows like FireFly it might be harder to find pre-made costumes. Etsy.com is a really good place to start looking since everything there is either handmade or vintage. But, if the family is determined anything can happen, just look at this awesome kid in his very own Serenity FireFly.



But you can always go the easy way and find clothing to wear that correlates with whatever character you want to be, there are a lot of places to find Jane Cobb’s hat or find a cute little Chinese paper parasol and engine grease, or face paint, and a cute little ships mechanic, Kaylee, is now on the team.




If comics are what get the family going there are many Avengers costumes to be found since this year is a big Comic Movie year.  One can find anyone from Hawkeye to the Hulk to Black Widow in the costume stores. Or you can save some money by making items that go with the costumes, such as using the kids own bow and arrows instead of buying new ones or painting an old sword to look like new.

The Classics













If classics are the family’s thing get a small green or tan jumpsuit and a Ghost Busters patch with goggles and some odd mechanical parts you and the family can create your own Ghost Busting team.

Video Games


If video games are the families thing why not dress your daughter up as Chun-Li from Street Fighter or Zelda or Link from Legends of Zelda. Together you can craft cardboard swords or shields or even whole Transformer outfits. Work together and create the most a-dork-able kids’ costumes as a family and Halloween will be more geek filled and fun for everyone.


 There are also many different geeky costumes out there from Transformers, Pixar movies such as Wall-E, Classic arcade games like Street Fighter, or just horror movies like Alien vs. Preditor that have children dressing up and having fun. Find what works for the family and all go as different characters or all go as your own favorite geeky characters and just have fun.